Kit for Oulaw required. Borrow/steal/purchase

I'm taking part in Outlaw this year.  I don't have any kit to make me stand out as a pirate on the bike.  Im down to receive a headsweat and cap so the run is sorted, and im looking at including myself on the kit order when it goes in.  if anyone can loan/sell or carry out any other form of transaction to help me out, i would appreciate it.  Ill be at the DIY HIM if this helps.  cheers


  • Ozzy..give us an idea of your size.......image

  • 5"8 and a bit. 11 stone. Small to medium usually. Cheers
  • Ozzy - I have previously mailed you and posted on the kit thread... Barlos has a brand new unworn LG medium tri-suit for sale.
  • for a full ironman all in ones aren't the first choice for slower athletes........the fast guys seem to like tem but they hardly have to stop for toilet breaks image

  • Im slow ... and have swithced to prefering the all in one .... it means ther is no gap for my belly to stick through image

  • I know some others agree that the tri-suit prevents the muffin top
  • I've just ordered a "two piece" and I was wavering between that and the all-in-one. 

    If the 2nd hand tri-suit is still available then I may be interested in it.

    How can I get in touch with Barlos?

    P.s. Schmunkee, got your "sorted" email last night - thanks for that!

  • It's not 2nd hand. It's brand new and unworn. The last time tri-suit were ordered, we were a couple short of minimum level so he bought some to make the numbers

    I act as Barlos PA (for my sins) so can let him know you're interested. I am also due to see him at the weekend so I can send it off with the Headsweats if that's ok.

    I will mail you from the kit address this evening
  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    I act as Barlos PA (for my sins) ...

    So thats what you call it these days image

  • Great, cheers Schmunkee.  And yes, if I do wind up purchasing it from him, it would be good if you could send all items at once, if you're happy to do so.

    Oh, and just to confirm, wearing the tri suit and head sweats will DEFINITELY make me faster and stronger, right?


  • Pudge wrote (see)


    Oh, and just to confirm, wearing the tri suit and head sweats will DEFINITELY make me faster and stronger, right?


    Er.....more attractive to wasps for sure.

  • I may be able to help,

    I have a trisuit and a monoca and shorts, not sure what I'm racing in yet and I think Blue Peter has first dips ony spare kit for outlaw, but he does want it you can borrow from me.


  • image you're not racing naked again SA??

  • WildWill..... wrote (see)
    Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    I act as Barlos PA (for my sins) ...

    So thats what you call it these days image

    Ok, I bigged myself up there.  I am his unpaid skivvy image

  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    image you're not racing naked again SA??

    Not allowed since the court injunction is still vaild

  • There'll be  a lot of disappointed female supporters SA! image

  • SA yes still interested in either the Monaco or suit. Whichever you don't wear. image
  • Just to jump on your bandwagon ozzy...

    I am also doing outlaw half and full and have no  pirate kit  (I know schmunkee, I knowimage) if anyone has a bike top and/or running top they want to sell

  • Don't worry, the band wagon has already been jumped on. Not too fussed I I don't have any, ill have my race cap and will wear it with pride. If anyone can help who is coming to DIY HIM ill see you there!
  • Ozzy - you're about the same size as me - I should be able to lend you a Monaco that'll fit. I'll be at Outlaw doing the feedstation/drinking for the weekend, so remind me and I'll bring one along.

  • souther4n snail.what size are you image....monacos are the best keep it on all dayimage

  • Rafiki, cheers. Will go we'll with my bib shorts as I'm not wearing a tri suit for the bike. I'm in it for comfort not speed!
  • I have a cycle top and monaco if anyone needs one for the day.  Be warned though, I'm a reet sweaty bastard and kinky with it, in that I never wash it.

    I'd have to demand that if you borrowed it you'd have to return it unwashed to maintain its pleasant (to me) aroma.

    Just PM me and I'll send it over complete with the clingfilm in which it is currently preserved.

  • image

  • Seren - I'm a size 10 so depending on how they come up either a small or large

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I'm up for the weekend and I'm at the feedstation too, so won't be racing.  I'm happy lend out kit.

    If I do lend it out though, I'd prefer to take it back that weekend and wash it myself so that I know I've got it back.  I've got both a small and a large monaco (don't ask.)

  • M..o.use -  Thanks for that but I think I'd rather try it on and use it a bit before the event.

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