Sore throat!

Morning fellow runners. I have an awful sore throat, starting to make the top of my chest hurt when I cough.... I am running London marathon on Sunday. I am a club place runner, ( my name was pulled from the hat) I feel honoured to be running the VLM and I do not want to defer. Has anyone got any really good remedies that will work? I am already taking berroca twice a day. 6000mg vit c, and echinacea. Thanks in advance


  • The massive overdose of vitamin C will do you no good at all. The best you can do is rest as much as possible, drink plenty of water and prepare yourself as if you are going to run. You are going to have to make a decision sometime and if your chest still hurts then don't run. By deferring, if you still can, you can still keep your club place until next year. It's hard to pull out but if you're not healthy, what can you do?
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