Ankle & Shin Pain

Hi all,

I've recently been having a problem and I'm not sure how to cure it so thought I'd turn to you all for some help.

About 6 weeks ago, I did a 10km race and achieved my personal best of 46:35. Since then I've been a bit off running as I had a week off to recover & relax as I was doing about 40km a week in the lead up to the race.

However, I've not been able to build up my training again as I have a bad pain in my right shin & ankle area. I thought I had traced the problem to my new car and that it took me a while to adjust to the new driving position - given that my Tib Anterior muscle felt tight after the 1 hour drive to work.

So I pretty much stopped running and only doing a couple of kms each week but the pain starts after about 2km. I'd been using a foam roller on my tib anterior and then icing it and that seems to have helped as I don't have any problems when driving.

However, last night I was only able to do another 2km and had to stop - I wasn't even running at a decent pace 5:30/km.

What seems to be happening is that my right ankle becomes tight and I'm unable to run as I usually do. I usually run by striking my heel first but when my ankle gets stiff/tight I start running flat footed and becoming a really loud runner. Then the pain on the ankle and shins is so bad that I have to stop. I walked towards home for a couple of minutes and the pain stopped so I jogged a bit and it was fine for a while but the dull pain started again so I stopped.

After my 10k race, I did buy some new shoes but the pain is just as bad when I go out in my old & new shoes - plus the pain is only on my right leg.

It's rather frustrating (like most injuries I guess) as there is no pain when walking or when going up stairs. When I do run as I'm running so slowly (for me), I'm not out of breath and am concerned that my fitness will take a nosedive - I have a number of 10ks next month.

Has anyone had this before? What does it sounds like? Can anyone suggest what to do?

Thanks in advance,

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