Garmin Training Plans - Too fast?

Hi guys,

I have booked my next Half Marathon for October and have started looking at the Garmin Ready 12 week plans.  I would like to get as close to a 1.25 HM with my current PB at 1hr.29m.

When i look at the suggested training paces i notice that the steady runs at around my curent HM pace which is fine,  but it is asking to do 16miles at this pace.  Is that right?

I know everyone has different ways of training but it seems a little OTT to me to do the Long Runs at HMP. 

THought people?




  • Sweet PB by the way.

    Presumably that 16 miler at your current HM pace is the last steady run and it doesn't start at that level? I'd have thought your steady runs would be a bit slower than HMP all the way but then I'm more used to numptie newbie plans....

  • The 16miles is from week 4!! 

    I have a book on Half and Full marathon running and the plans in there suggest the long runs are to be done around 1-2 min per mile slower than race pace,  which seems right to me,  but will this help me get closer to my time? 

  • It sounds a bit mad to me and a good way to knacker yourself out and waste the benefit of the other training by being too tired for it. But like I say I'm still a newbie at this lark. Have you emailed Garmin about it? Might it be an error?

  • I take steady pace to be between HMP and MP, and that's current HMP rather than target pace.

    But I agree, I used one of those schedules last year and the the steady state runs are hard work.  I tended to do the first few miles easy then just c.10 miles steady.

    You can adjust the pace to suit you current ability, either before you download it or once you get it into training center.  (I would recommend doing it before you download)

  • Yeah i see you can adjust it,  but then surely the idea of the plan and the paces are to make sure you are able to hit the esimated time?



  • I think the idea of training plans based on target times is a bit misleading.  You need base your training on your current ability.  The first weeks shouldn't be a significant step up, both in terms of mileage and pace.

    You can adjust the paces as you go along, so if you knock out a 39min 10k half way through the programme then adjust the pacing a bit.

  • Sweet,  cheers for the replies,  i will stick to what I have been doing.

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