Inov 8 Roclite 243

Hi guys, If anyone is interested in this shoe I've just written up a first look "non-review" on my blog.

So far I'm very impressed with this shoe, long run test in the Pyrenees this weekend so expect more updates soon...


  • Hi Nick, great review. I'm getting into fell running and regularly run in the Yorkshire dales with my worn out flyrocs which are just soooooooo comfy. I'm looking for a new shoe to run 20+ mile events in and to wear when I attempt the Bob Graham next year. I really like the look of the roclite 243. Would they suit my needs? Ps I try to steer clear of anything other than mud grass and trails. I recently weighed one of my flyrocs and it came in at 420 grams!!!! I might just get another pair to train in and to run to work in but keen on a more performance shoe for events. Thanks

  • Hi Wooj, I'd say that if you were okay with flyrocs on that type of terrain then you'll be okay with the Roclites, very similar in levels of grip.  For pure fell running though, the kind that is more about grass and mud than rocks and roots I'd look at something like the X-Talon, Mudclaw, La Sportiva Anakonda, or a good old Walsh.  A shoe like that would be more suited to the terrain you describe.  The Roclite does do okay in fell conditions, I ran the Pen-y-fan race in the old 315's a few years back and it was okay... I also ran the Welsh 1000 metre peaks race in a pair of 285's - again okay, and much more suited to the rougher trails in Snowdon.  I think to be really honest you need two pairs of shoes - something like the Roclites for drier stuff and a more fell specific shoe for when the going gets wet and sloppy!  Hope that helps.


  • Grrrrrr.........I can't afford two pairs of performance shoes atm lol. Thanks for the help. Ill probably give the roclites a go and then if I feel I'm struggling in the wet bogs then persuade the mrs to let me get some talons!! Roclites seem a bit more of an all round shoe, jack of all trades. 

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