Concerns with 5 weeks to go.

I have been doing really well by my standards and training for the Manchester 10k in May.

On saturday just gone I pulled a muscle at the top of my leg, not groin, not hamstring, not thigh, but it seems in the middle somewhere. I have also pulled my back slightly but that will clear in a few days.

I ran last night and my leg flared up again.

Also when I started running my shins were very sore, but that went away. After a sports massage the aching shins after about 4km are coming back.

My run yesterday meant i stopped at 4km and walked home. I was progressing really well and up to 9.3km.

Now i am worried. I know it is muscular, so no long term damage, but this could easily mean a week off running due to my leg and i dont think i can afford that time off so close to the race.

Feel really down about this.


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