2014 route change?

I have jusy been to excel to collect info etc. and while there was chatting to some of the charity people offering places for 2014, 2 off them made a point of telling me that it is booked for 20/04/2014, which is easter sunday,something that has not happened before, to my knowledge, BUT that they could not confirm the route as they had been told it could be altered due to the choice of date. Any one else heard about this?


  • It's not going to be Easter Sunday.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    1. Why would they need to change the route just because it's Easter Sunday?
    2. Why would they choose to schedule their race on Easter Sunday if this meant having to change the route?

    Sounds like someone's talking bollocks.

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    It is Easter Sunday  -  I was surprised when looking up the date yesterday.

  • I have got the email with my ballot entry password and it says that the date is Sunday 13th April 2014

  • I don't know where the charities have got their date from, but the media pack also shows that it is on 13th April.

    media pack

    Ballot opens for 2014 London Marathon
    29 April 2013
    Date of 2014 London Marathon
    13 April 2014

    So as Phil say's, someone is talking bollocks.

  • I can't see it being Easter Sunday somehow - too many issues that they'd have to contend with as it's one of the 2 days of the year where many business are not allowed to open (the other being Xmas Day natch).  

  • Following this disagreement, as a compromise they are going to run it on the Wednesday in between (16th April). Because it's a weekday they're not going to close any roads and it will be run as laps of Hyde Park.

  • Only going on what was told to me today by Guide Dogs and RNLI, if its wrong then someone will have to sort out their support PDQ

  • 13th April, that's weeks less training! image

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