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Hi all, 

I am suffering from knee pain (PFPS) as confirmed by my physio. I went for a long run (20m) two weeks ago during which I felt little discomfort, but the following Tuesday when I ran 6 miles it was painful all the way. I didnt run again until the following Saturday (thought I had rested it enough) but could only manage 3 miles and had to walk (limp) back. I was a regular runner up until then so I am baffled why this injury has only just occurred. Toronto marathon is on May 5th, my first marathon, so just trying to recover in time. Physio taped my knee and gave me glute exercises. Have substitued running with spinning and swimming none of which hurt. I can still feel a niggling discomfort when walking / going downstairs so have to resist from running for now as difficult as that is! Has anyone any tips on how to get through the marathon, if my pain comes back? Not completing the marathon isn't an option!! Specifially do knee bands and / or knee tape work when running?


  • I had runners knew about 2 month ago. I left it a week with no running without it getting better. So I went to the Physio and he told me I wouldn't be running properly for about 5/6 weeks. But he did say to keep trying to run only till the pain starts then stop. I did this gradually for another week and the miles increased slowly. After about 2 week from the day I got injured I was running comfortably again relatively pain free. I still get the odd niggle now and then but more or less back to 100%.

    Hope this helps and you make it to marathon day.

  • Thanks Wayne! that gives me hope! the thought of running 26.2 miles in 2.5 weeks is becoming more and more daunting by the day, made worse by being unable to train. Physio said I should be recovered in time but reading up, it does sound like more of a 6 week recovery period. Reluctant to run in case it flares up again and i'm back to square one. Will try a short run this weekend.

  • Hi there

    I've been suffering with knee knack all year. It's very annoying, just as I think its going and I'm returning to normal milage it comes back again. Ruins the mojo. Anyway I managed to do a half mara recently utterly pain free on the back of a single short training run a week and the rest of the time doing low impact cardio at the gym. As much as possible when i did run I ran on softer surfaces which made things better.

    There are a lot of exercises you can do to strengthen the knee but be careful as if you are already suffering they can be counter productive. Foam rolling is good though and I dont think you can do any harm with that or by warming muscles around the knee pre-run and cooling them post-run.

    The other thing that works for me is acupuncture. Weird but it works.
  • Double G,

    Similar story. PFPS surfaced with me the morning after a 16 miler, my first week of taper and three weeks from my first marathon. Didn't run for 12 days then did an easy 5 miler followed by a 10 miler during which I had discomfort throughout but only that. Physio gave me stretches for the glutes and quads and I did a lot of foam rolling which I think was a big help. Anti-inflammatories for three days before the race and on race morning also helped and I got thru it in a respectable 3.45 -delighted to have finished. Again discomfort for first 15 miles then pain disappeared. That was a fortnight ago and just the last couple of days have been niggle-free, fingers crossed so I guess 6 weeks is probably about right re recovery period. Good luck with your first marathon!

  • Exact same position double g 2.5 weeks to marathon and have same problem.  Did a 20 on saturday and tried a 6 today. 6 was painful.

  • Thanks for your comments guys. I am also foam rolling now which I only discovered recently. I really hope this irritation goes away, after the marathon i'll probably take the summer off from running to really give it a rest. Very respectable time of 3.45 Alan. Was aiming for similar myself as training was going really well, but now the main aim is just to finish. 





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