Colonge Marathon

Hi there, 

I'm thrinking about an autumn marathon somewhere interesting (i.e. not my home town) Had a search and couldn't find anything on the forums on this - so apologies is there is and I missed it.

Has any one done the Colonge Marathon? What were your thoughts? Is it fast/flat (had a look on Garmin and found a profile with over 1000m of ascent! - but last yeras race times don't make it look that hilly) of is it bumpy and fast-ish or just plain hilly and slow?

What is the support like? Is is as good a race as things like London? 

What is Colonge like (it looks nice!) and is there plenty to entertain Mr Muddy?

Can you recommend places to stay?

And finally....Is anyone else doing it?




  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi Muddy - there's been a thread about cologne for the past few years. I can highly recommend it.

    It's flat as a pancake, great crowds and easy for your supporters to get to/around. It's not supported all of the way around like London but a large majority of the course... And if you're lucky - you'll get a beer en route tooimage (this is the reason I run only the half image).

    I've run the half every year since 2007 and love it. It's my favourite race! We'll be back this year as well. I would do the full but as I'm travelling with friends and they're doing the half - I feel bad asking them to wait around for me!

    RE: things to do: you'll be spoilt for choice in cologne. There's something for everyone! If you let me know what you like-dislike - I can give you suggestions.

    RE: places to stay: have a look around hansaring/media park. It'll be cheap but good quality, I'm staying at the NH media park (they offer late check out until 4pm)

    Did I tell you that I love this race? image
  • Thanks Emmy! Sounds awesome. I think I shall get myself registered on pay day.

    Mr Muddy enjoys an interesting midrange or art gallery. He enjoys photography so interesting things to take photos of is good to, markets, cafes, beer, sausages. They'll keep him entertained. So if you have any ideas that would be fab!

    Excited. Will look at hotel sin the suggested areas.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    He will love museum Ludwig which is right by the Dom. Also there's a hotel ner the chocolate museum called arthotel and that's absolutely fantastic and you can get some good deals for a multiple night stay.

    Let me come back when I'm on a proper computer and I'll provide links/more ideas.
  • Awesome! Thank you! Chocolate museam sounds ace! One more question...(becasue these things are important! image) Do we get a good medal????

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