Salomon shoe sizing

I am thinking of buying a pair of Salomon XR Crossmax for trail races. Being a cheap skate and no shop near me stock them. I will be buying of the interwebb. 

oh and if anyone uses these Salomon shoes are they suitable for dry summer trial marathons.  

So how does the sizing fit, Mizuno I have I can go with my shoes size but with my adidas I have to go up a full size. 

Thanks inadvance for your replies



  • I found salomons to be on the small side so i'd buy larger. If you buy from somewhere like Wiggle then you can exchange easily if required

  • Thanks Max's Mum

    I have found the best price sofar to be on the Chainreaction site, I'll check out thier returns policy. 

  • They are quite good too!

  • Erm, depends what shoe you buy.  I'm an 11 in XA Pro 2's (catchy name eh?) and a 12 is quite tight in Speedcross 3's.


  • Oh thanks Sean, I guess its a bit hit and miss then. Definatley be checking returns policy 

  • I wear the same in Salomon as I do in Saucony
  • Thanks Dave, not to helpful as I have never worn Soucony, not for the want of trying as I never win the RW Soucony competions....

  • could try "Shoefitr"

  • I'd say half a size, I wore 8s in Adidas, wear 7.5 in mizuno & recent Salomon purchase after trying 3 pairs on in shop were an 8.. Hope that helps?

    Personal opinion I'd get mizuno wave ascends over crossmax..
  • I don't have any Adi runners but wear them a lot for casual.

    I'm a 10 in them and a 10 in my new pair of Salomon Mission XR - not sure if the fit is the same as Crossmax though.
  • I am a size 8 normally and a size 8 in the crossmax(and the XT wings). The crossmax is very good for dry trail and infact not that brilliant on wet, slippery terrain. It is a brilliant shoe and persuaded me to later get the XT Wings which were still good but not worth the extra. Anyway good choice image

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