PCC Chauffeur taxi

If the PCC at the centre of the current Chauffeur taxi issue sees fit to repay the fares of over £700, once the issue is out in the open, then to my mind he clearly saw it as necessary to repay it or he would have justified the fare, correct?

So how come a person who raises this issue is hunted down and arrested, this has to be totally wrong, surely the onus of explanation should be put onto the PCC or do I not understand it fully?


  • I blame DF3 and his trusty sidekick Sussex Runner.

  • Was the taxi used to cheat in a race?

  • No, its meter was having a malfunction...

  • Yes I suppose you could say it was used to cheat image

  • he said he wasn't aware of the costs.well surely his job is to be aware of everythging connected with the police.....he also says his job is nothing to do with looking into whether the two police cicilians should be arrested.

    he seems to know exactly what isn't his job.maybe he can tell us what is his job

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    It's hard to believe anyone might not think that a chauffeur driven Mercedes would be an expensive form of transport. I think it says more about his sense of self importance. Even if public transport were not available, you can get a mini-cab.
  • Its yet another warped decision by our Police, how can they see a man in a privileged position literally taking us all for a ride, then think it appropriate to arrest those responsible for raising it as an issue, baffling

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