Sore + Clicking/Popping Knees


So I've had this "problem" for the past 6 months i'd say in which my knees feel sore when I kneel or squat down (though I only really feel either at work) the sensation is like im stretching the inside of my knee.

Admittedly I've just tried it to give you a better description but I'm not feeling it at the moment, rising from a squat I normally put my hands on my knees to help raise myself back up like a bloody old person but again this is only at work.

The other niggle is that if I flick my right leg back my knee clicks quite loud and they both do it if I squat down fully but once again it doesn't hurt either, annoyingly my more senior colleagues reckon I'll get Arthritis when im 30-40 which is hopefully incorrect but I was hoping others might suffer from this ailment and could tell me what it is what the fix is if there is one and if it could eventually become something worse.

And the same for the first issue, any ideas? Thanks for your replies I tried to keep it readably brief.

P.S. Have had Osgood-Schlatters lumps since I was 12 and they have always been tender when I kneel on them (I'm almost 20) how in the hell can I get rid of these things!?


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