Tracking runners during the London Marathon

So many people have asked me how they can track my progress whilst I'm running the marathon but I can't find any apps or websites on how to do this. People tell me that it's possible to type your number in and it tells you where you are but websites are found are from 2009-10. Does anyone know any apps that will work for VLM on Sunday?


  • In my experience they normally get overloaded. People often are getting messages saying "Jon Doe has passed half way" when Jon Doe is eating his tea

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    Try looking at this thread.

    It's not the official site it's about if you carry a smart phone. So if that's of no interest then sorry! Just ignore this post.
  • Yes you can track runners on the official London marathon website, I have done so for the last four years, they don't seem to advertise it for some reason but just go to the results section. I seen to remember default is set to show the time at the finish so you need to select 5k, 10k etc otherwise nothing will show until you finish. You can search runners by number, name or club and times are very upto date, usually within 10 minutes of you passing each timing mat.

    Good luck
  • Oh and the live tracker doesn't usually appear until just before the race or once the race is under way
  • Worked well last year. Every 5k
  • There is a great app for iPhone called Runens and it costs around $5 which is ??2-??3 and works great with an armband. When installed, click the top left button and it will show all runners using the runens app around the world. Sadly, no-one using it in the London marathon - plenty in Germany, Italy and one in Rio at the moment. I have been using Runens for two years and still love this app and am in no way associated with the developers.
  • Best answer from the VIZ comic .. "Get off your arse and run with them, That way you'll now exactly where they are"


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