first half marathon

Hi all, new member here. I'm thinking of doing the Dundee half marathon in July. I just started back running after about a year out and can safely do 4 miles (not timed myself yet as I want to get back into the swing of it first). Just now I am doing insanity workouts and going to do a hybrid with either 3 days running and 3 days insanity or 4 days running and 2 days insanity. I was wondering if anyone had done a hybrid like this before? Any tips for getting ready for my first half would be appreciated.


  • I found a great Beginner's Half Marathon plan on Walk,Jog,Run that has cross-training days built in.  Should fit with what you want to do.

    As for whether it works or not, ask me again this time tomorrow image

  • Thanks I'll check that out.

    Think I'll try 3 days of each on alternate days from Monday then change it the next week and see what one feels better.
  • Yes. It works.image

  • Noticed that too today. Decided to go for a run today after finishing my 3rd week of insanity yesterday. I ran 5 miles and felt I could have easily managed another 2 mile, felt a big difference compared to when I was just going for a run 4 times a week.

    13 weeks today for my first half marathon and feel I'll be ready for it by then.
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