Reassurance anyone??

I have an injury, but I am still determined to run VLM tommorow. If you have run a marathon before with an injury I just need reassurance and advice on  how you got through it?

My training has been smooth running, so I am already gutted that this has happened so close to the day. I have had been told its peroneal tendinitis, and I will be using KT tape and painkillers.



  • Hi,

    When did your injury happen? How far can you run before pain, how much pain are you in? Have you seen a physio for diagnosis and what did they say about tomorrow?

    Are you hoping to just get round or do you have a time in mind?

    I can't give you any reassurance I'm afraid as I took the heart wrenching decision to defer on weds as I have patella tendinitis, It is totally gutting to defer after training so hard, for so long I have cried many tears but I would much rather be injured for a few weeks then be injured permenately or for many months - Do you have to run?

    Best of luck - I really feel for you.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Why not defer, doesnt sound good to be relying on painkillers to get round.
  • Defer. You won't do yourself justice and risk putting yourself out of action for far longer.

  • Be VERY careful if you are intending to use painkillers containing ibuprofen/ nurofen- these drugs are excellent anti-inflammatories, but can knacker your kidneys if you also get dehydrated ( which is almost inevitable). OK to take them tonight, and after the race, once you've started pee-ing again, but stick to paracetamol during the race itself. You need to figure out what caused the trouble ? new shoes? limping with another injury?. If you can identify a cause , and avoid it, you might get away with it, but it is risky. Walk-run may help.

  • Hi. If you ran  hope you did well. If you deferred I hope you get fit again soon. I've been out of action through injury since August so understand how tough this is.

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