Leg Pain Every Run

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to running. My friends encouraged me to sign up for a 10km run in June, despite never running before February this year. I downloaded a training app and have been following that to build up my stamina slowly. I usually run on a treadmill at the gym around 4 times a week.

The past couple of weeks though I'm getting dreadful leg pain after every run (usually when I walk to cool down). The pain is in both legs and down the inner side of my leg between my calf and shin. It makes it very difficult to drive home from the gym! The pain will wear off over the next couple of days but comes straight back after every run.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I'm doing wrong? I always have rest days between runs, and a prolonged rest really isn't an option given that I have a 10km race in June!

Sorry if this is a really common problem, but as I say I'm very new to running!



  • It is possible/likely that this is shin splints and is quite common ... they wont go away overnight tho and need some careful management

    Vary the terrain that you run on
    Check you have the right shoes for you
    Ice them every day
    Take a rest from running - suggest a week and then a short test run
    Strengthen the calf muscles surrounding
    Try a non impact regime like cycling

    Have patience  image

  • Thanks for that advice! I'll give it a go image

  • That's good advice. The important thing is to take it steady, could you post the training routine you are following? If a person who has never run before starts off running even a small amount it can be a shock to the system. Imagine never doing a press up and suddenly doing 50 a day, you'd feel it pretty fast!

    Work your way up slowly in distance and intensity, and you'll be fine and should easily make that 10K. image

  • The programme I'm using is the app "10K trainer" - it's a 14 week training plan. So the first week was 

    5 min warm up walk, 60 secs jogging, 90 secs walking (rpt for 20 mins), 5 min cool down

    Now I'm on week 6 and have just done:

    5 min warm up walk, 5 mins jog, 3 mins walk, 8 min jog, 3 mins walk, 5 min jog, 5 min cool down

    The longest continuous run I've done is 20 mins (end of week 5)

  • That seems pretty fair, just be sure to pay attention to your body and stop if you think you're doing yourself harm. Everyone is different and no program can cover everyone perfectly, some people may not have ever run before but yet may still lead an active life for example.

    Good luck with your training and follow the advice M...eldy gave, hopefully you'll be back in no time. image

  • and stretch after each run

    good luck


  • Thank you so much for your help everyone image

  • and while we are on a roll

    Dont overstride ... you will put too much weight into vulnerable areas for too long, aim to bring your foot closer/under your body

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