vericose vein

Just wondered if anyone could help. At the age of 14 I developed a varicose vein (hereditary from my father) after many years of waiting to 'stop growing' and nhs waiting lists I had it removed by operation in 2005 at aged 19, by which time it was large unsightly and throbbed and hurt whenever I exercised. I 'touch wood' haven’t had anymore however I have recently noticed after running my right leg is stiff and painful afterwards and my foot sometimes swells and I can sometimes struggle to put weight on it in the hours following a run. This usually eases off. This morning I was running and my leg started aching really badly and my lower leg had a slight throb I tried to continue but the feeling spread up my upper leg and I had to stop I then wasn’t able to put any weight on I and had to hobble home. On investigation i have a green mark on my inner calf and I can feel the same bumpy vein feeling just under the skin. So it seems my 'little friend' has returned in the same place but on my other leg. My question is 1.) Do people think this could be what is causing the ache and stiffness after running in that leg and 2.) Is it worth me purchasing some compression socks to see if this helps?

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