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  • Epic target MC Dave. Any specific training focus that'll help you get down to that time? I see you had a blinder at London but will you be increasing mileage? More MP runs? More mixed pace sessions? Would be interested in hearing and following your training as we get closer

  • Hello everybody, image

    sorry not been in for a while.  Don't I just love 6 day weeks at work all summer!!!!!  I did love that excited only 100 days until the race e-mail that was supposed to be whipping folk up into a frenzy of anticipation but had me sobbing in a corner that it was still 98 days until I get a holiday.  Why oh why oh why did I have a big holiday in January......oh aye its because I did the goofy challenge and it was fab. image

    MC Dave nice to see you again.  Good to see you have lost none of your bounce image  I'm not too bad at all.  Still running far flung places with varying levels of success.  20 marathons in the bag after I finally got into London earlier in the year and lots and lots of Disney bling to show for my efforts this year.  I'm scooping up those majors along the way too.  4 out of 6 ticked off, Tokyo entered for Feb and only Chicago to add after that provided they don't "do a Tokyo" and add a 7th.  Fortunately my running isn't in the same bleak place it would have been the last time our paths crossed.  Not quite 2008 but certainly not as bad as 2009 or 2011 which had me wondering why the hell I bothered. image

    Well I'm pleased to report my running has hit a very rare and unexpected purple patch.  I ran 2 PB's in a very oddly distanced 5.3 mile race (that's just how far it is don't know why), a 5 mile PB at bridge of earn and my 3rd fastest half marathon ever last weekend in Dundee in a time of 1:26:49.  The course was even quite hilly and it was a pretty warm day.  I've only ever gone faster in the pissing rain!!!!!  I'm not sure if I will be able to keep this going for the next 3 months but even if I can't it is a nice feeling while it lasts to know I actually CAN still do this running lark.  Even managed to squeeze in an 18 miler after work last night which was just as well as it has been tipping down all this morning.  Much better to have a long lie and a play on the t'internet than a complete drenching or long run on a dreadmill. image

    Bad news for anybody that like me was fancying a bit of Bundesliga action on the Saturday before the race.  Eintracht Frankfurt are playing away that weekend. image

    Enjoy your sundays everybody. image


  • Good to see your going well Canniggia and a great update.

    Johnas - I post my training on Steel City Striders Facebook page which is open to anyone so you can see it on there. Not sure I'm going to do anything a whole lot different to be honest as I reduced my time from 2:38 to 2:33:45 in London as a result of joining a good group for long runs. I've continued this group since London and added it to all the core, weights, hills, track, diet, rest, massage, physio and racing. My plan is to have a good solid block of 5 or 6 70 mile weeks (just done that) and then focus on sharpening up after my holiday for 4-5 weeks and then trying to run MP runs for 12, 14 , 16 and 18 miles before a few warm up races.

    We'll see where that takes us although i have to confess to prefering winter for training. If it isn't Frankfurt then it will sure as hell be in London next April.

    Have a good week guys

  • Caniggia33 - not much of a footy fan so no problem for me. Well done on the PBs though - good sign and place to be as marathon training kicks in. After the next year or so trying my best at a marathon PB, I hope to do all the majors one day. 2 down so far (London, Berlin) so a long way to go!

    MC Dave - thanks for that. Core and weights is definitely something I ignored last time out and am going to make a concerted effort to include it this time. I am starting training of a low mileage base though - havent averaged more than 40 miles a week for the last month or 2 and just concentrated on the short speed stuff. Your plan for the 12, 14, 16, 18 @ MP looks very Hanson Brooks-esque. Is that the plan?

  • Not really Johnas. Read advanced marathoning by P&D a few times but just go with what works for me really and try to add something new for each marathon build up.

    Caniggia isn't much of a football fan either Johnasimage

    'mon the 'ton


  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Nice target MC Dave.  There's a chap on the start list who pops into the sub 3 thread occasionally - 'Hobbling Harrier'.  He will probably be shooting around 2:30-2:35 if he's in good nick.

    19:54 at the York Parkrun this morning, good enough for 16th on a breezy outing.  Only 2nd V55 though!  Planning on 20m tomorrow, will set off earlyish to avoid the heat.

  • Hello all, another one looking forward to the red carpet, though I expect I'll be arriving a couple of hours later than some! 'A' goal is a sub 4:20 to get an F pen for Comrades this year. 

    Love the flat German races, have done Berlin, Hamburg, and the Berlin 25k and really looking forward to this one. Some friends went out there last year (both signed up, but both got injured so they made a weekend of it anyhow and had a fine old time). Iirc we are in the Holiday Inn at the station. As long as it's safe to potter around we really don't care if we're in the middle of the red light district or whatever!

    Bit of PF bubbling under but otherwise training could be worse. One of the many advantages of being not terribly fast is that only you have an interest in how your running is going, so you can enjoy things without any pressure image

  • Well that was bloody hard work today.  8 miles into the lovely strong wind that stopped the women's British open golf yesterday across the water at St Andrews and a very hot 8 miles home.  Why does the wind not cool you in any way shape or form when it is behind you?  I certainly wasn't running at faster than 20mph so should in theory have had 12 mph or there abouts of cooling downiness on the way home.  It didn't!!!! image

    Mystery 2 how come there is only 1 train north and south from Dundee to Aberdeen every 30 mins on a weekday and one an hour on a sunday but all the feckin level crossings are shut when you get to them forcing you to go over the bloody bridges.  it really is uncanny how often it happens. image

    Good start to the season MCDave.  Annan away must have been a tough place to go lol. The good news is you might get into a playoff this season and not have to worry too much about Bomber's Dees galloping away into the sunset. image

  • Hope the 20 went well Wardi. Managed 17 yesterday myself and the weather played nicely

    Welcome F2D... this'll be my second German outing having done Berlin. As a beer and meat lover, I'm pretty sure I'll be back again and again. Are you treating your PF or (literally) running through it?

    C33 - it's called sods law! perhaps you were synced with and running as fast as, the Dundee to Aberdeen Express!

  • If that is the case it says more about the state of scotrail than it does about my running.  I really wasn't going that fast!!!!! image

    This will be my 7th German outing.  I've done the Berlin marathon and half marathon twice each, Munich last year and Dusseldorf the year before.  I nearly said I had ran 6 times in Germany as I had just about blanked out Dusseldorf and the spectacularly bad PW I ran in the sunshine there.  Horrific day at the office. To be brutally honest I've never ran very well at all in Germany and kind of wonder why I keep going back. image

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Welcome aborad F2D!  Have you really got two dogs?

    Johnas.. got a bit tired towards the end (first 20m for about 16 months).  Another problem at my age is that if I do a Parkrun flat out the day before the old legs moan about that as well!  Still, nice to get it done, bit of a breeze & some cloud cover so not as roasting as of late.  Nice 17m BTW, I'm sure it'll be like shelling peas in a month or two's time. 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hiya all. Am starting to get all excited for Frankfurt after hearing some great race reports recently.

    how is everyone getting on with their training?

    Caniggia - I love running in Germany. The scene, the people. Add Cologne to your list. A fantastic race and atmosphere. I go back every year for the half and have such a great time.

  • 20 done yesterday, more of a walk than a run, mainly because I booked into Enigma Gold on a whim and it's an even longer way if you've not screwed the old distance head on nice and firm. Once that's done I can settle down to proper (hoho) training. 

    Johnas - it's really pretty weeny PF, if I hadn't heard PF talked about in hushed whispers for years I might not even have noticed it, just lumped it in with all the other dodgy bits. I tape my foot into flexed position every night and do the eccentric calf exercises in trainers instead of the jolly pretty flats wot probably did the deed in the first place. Had a potter round the pool and sauna tonight and I swear by that as a cure-all (also good core workout trying to keep a straight face in front of the two young lads in there talking about minor girl trouble).

    Wardi - yep - lazy buggers, they're retired and get us to do the running for them nowimage

  • Emmy I think Cologne might sneak on the list sometime.  I had a day trip there when I went to Dusseldorf and it was OK but not on the list of places to rush back to at the moment. Still got Hamburg to do and then I've just about got the full set of German marathon biggies and when I give up on them the Berlin 25k and the half marathon round the Nurburgring car circuit are still on the to do list.  I don't know if any of you have come across Kiwiscanfly on these forums.  He is just back from Fussen in Bavaria where he ran the Romantische marathon near mad king Ludwig's castle.  The scenery looks absolutely stunning I just don't know if I would survive the heat of Bavaria in July.  Scottish folk aren't built for sunshine. image  As this is the only image you ever see of the area I also find it hard to believe the course is nearly as flat as it is supposed to be. image

  • Large entry confirmation in my inbox today!

  • That was a strange old run last night.  18 miles done but I think I played the price for playing mileage catch up late in the week.  Having racked up a huge 4.5 miles from Monday until Thursday tea time I proceeded to do 10 on Thursday night, 7 on Friday night and 18 last night.  Just about ran myself to a complete stand still by the finish.  I have to admire the folk that manage to run 70 plus miles/week.  I don't know where they manage to find the energy or time to get anywhere near those types of figures.

    Quick question.  Having seen a bit of the marathon yesterday does the new improved Moscow marathon finishing in the Lenin Stadium (so much easier to spell and say than the new name) tempt anybody?  Looks like the old Moscow peace marathon has been dumped and a new proper Moscow marathon has taken its place having just had a wee google.  It was always one of those great cities shame the race looks pretty rank compared to other marathons around the world but it does look like an awesome city to visit one day and if I'm going to go all that way there I might as well have a run!!!!

  • Scrap next year off the list though.  Just read the small print and the Lenin stadium will be bulldozed after the world championship and rebuilt for the footie world cup in 2018.  Sometimes a 73000 beautiful all seater stadium is just not good enough to keep those Russian billionaires happy.  They would have a field day if they came to Dens. image

    Just as a matter of interest do the e-mail notifications on these forums still work?  Haven't had one for months and months.

  • PCleasbyPCleasby ✭✭✭

    I'm averaging about 3 miles a day here in hot and humid florida. I'm compensating for the heat with numerous continental beers (Americans don't do good beer). When I get back i'll have 8 weeks to race day. I'm going to find out the hard way what the perils of trying to cram training into too short a time are. image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Caniggia - that's also on my list! I've heard some great things about it.

    fido2dogs - are you fellow enigma runner? I'll be there this weekend too! I'm the redhead normally with a beer in my handimage would be lovely to meet you.

  • Intervals really hurt.  headed to the gym to avoid the thunderstorm and thought I'd try a nasty session on the dreadmill.  It is never good when you look about the gym to find so many people are not really sweating and instead are just oozing gallons of lovely while I am destroying myself on a dreadmill.  Fortunately I managed to reach the point where I could hit the lovely big red stop button just prior to the chunder threshold being reached.  I don't think it was far away. imageimage  I've done some nasty training this summer I will be gutted if I run like a fanny again in Frankfurt. image

  • Eeeeeeeek didn't see that 10k race coming.  Absolute shocker.  It was hellishly windy but just felt heavy legged and slow from the word go.  I suppose the good run had to come to an end sometime.  Just didn't expect it to be quite so dramatic. image

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Canig.. I used to run 65-85 mpw in my forties but my old legs just can't sustain that now.  I tend to do a 20-30m bike ride as X-training the day after a race or a long run nowadays.  Sorry to hear about the 10k.  image  BTW I have a nice treadie in a spare room upstairs, don't use it much in summer though. 

    Party 'til 3am Saturday wasn't the best preparation for a Sunday long run but after a good sleep & a bit of rehydration I got on with it.  21m in the end, a tough old run but the miles are in the bank.  After 25m on the bike yesterday I'm trying a double run today - 4 pleasant miles done at 7am then plan on 6-7m with the club later.  Looking hot for the bank holiday here in North Yorks.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone - just found this thread.

    I'm signed up for this one again - did it last year and had a fab time.image  I was planning to break 3:30 in the Spring and go for a GFA (3:15) in Frankfurt, but I got a cold and cocked up Milton Keynes, so I'll settle for a 3:29 in October.  I'm in the first pen so I guess I'll stand at the back and wave goodbye to a few of you speedsters...

    I follow Hadd and do about 70 mpw.  Just off on holiday tomorrow for a 5 day trail running course in the Austrian Alps.


  • Hi Teknik - hope you are well.

    Checking back in after 2 weeks in Corfu that included a fall back week of 45 miles and then a low intensity 125 mile week in the lovely morning (and some evening) sun. It also included a 20 miler up Mount Pantokrator and the run profile looks like it felt. Straight up then straight down with over 900m of climb over 6 miles.

    I can handle the Annan result Canigg as My pal Peter Weatherson has moved there from Morton so it was heads I win tails you lose on that oneimage

    Back home with a bang today and no more easy running for the next 7-8 weeks. Intervals, long runs, hills or gym sessions for me now! Bring it on

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Tecknik - Welkom image Have a great time in the alps trail running! I'm jealous.

    Where is everyone staying in Frankfurt? Am really looking forward to this race as i've heard great things about it!

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Emmy.. there are a few hotel details on page 1 of the thread.

    MCD.. I walked the length of Corfu a few years ago including climbing up Pantokrator - good work running up it!

    A hearty hello to Teknik.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Just had the email saying the start times are being put back by 30 mins (10:30 for the fast wave), something to do with the TV coverage.  Time for an extra breakfast sausage then!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi Wardi - Thanks for that. It was more to see if we could arrange a nice meet up if our hotels were close to each other!

    I saw the email too about the start time being pushed back. 10.30am?... I dont fancy that :/

  • PCleasbyPCleasby ✭✭✭

    Excellent. More time to train. image

  • Result I'm not a morning person.  10.30 sounds much better than 10am I can have an extra half hour in my scratcher.  I didn't realise the Delhi grand prix drove through Frankfurt.  It must be a really long circuit. image

    I'm sure I read the words low intensity 125 mile week.  image

    I'm staying in the Concorde hotel emmy.  It is pretty close to the start/finish which could be handy as it can be pretty cold, wet and windy so can nip out as late as possible and get home to a nice hot shower if hypothermia sets in by the finish!!!!

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