Frankfurt Marathon 2013



  • Thanks everyone.

    You're safe Stephen - no Mrs Johnas at Frankfurt this year image

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Congrats Johnas and hope the rest of the wait is a safe & healthy one for the newbie & Mrs Johnas.

    With typically rotten timing I'm in the 3rd week of a pesky virus (throat infection) which has curtailed my training somewhat.  At it's worst it was the sort of coughing that made me want to double up & made my ribs hurt.  Last Sunday I had to cut short a 20 miler after feeling light headed & out of sorts - shortest route back made it 14.5m.  Once home & settled I checked my RHR - 70bpm compared to my healthy norm of 43!

    Anyway this week has seen a significant improvement and I reckon by the weekend I will be back to rude health.  Managed a steady 4+7m on Tuesday, 2 hours on the bike Wednesday & 12.3m run today.  Just a bit bothered that I am a bit behind on long runs but I will just have to see what I can fit in before mid October. 

    Talking of living off the land one of my local routes takes me past a service area with a fish & chip outlet, an indian restaurant and a McDonalds - does that count?

  • sure does Wardi.... chips... rice.... all carbs innit! wishing you a speedy recovery. if it's any consolation, i haven't ran further than 18 miles since VLM

  • I hope everyone's training is going well, and hope you shake that virus quickly Wardi.image

    Good luck tomorrow at Maidenhead Johnasimage

    I was going to do the Dunstable Downs 20m Challenge tomorrow but I don't fancy trekking round the M25 just to get lost in the rain with a soggy map. So another 20 miler locally, methinks...

  • Positive 10k for me today after a rather slovenly 5k on Wednesday. 39.25 a decent return for a solid weeks training. Just need to get some endurance sorted out now.


  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Nice one PC, good confidence booster.

    Much improved healthwise here.  Managed 19:59 at the Parkrun yesterday, 25 secs quicker than last week.  Followed that with 21.2m today, pleased to get that one done after having to abort last week's long effort.

    Johnas.. I had a cheese & bacon burger & fries in Frankie & Bennys last night.  The waitress asked me if I would like 'cheese & bacon fries' to go with it.  Blimey, cholestrol city or what!  'Just plain' was my riposte.  No wonder there are so many fat kids about!  Hope Maidenhead went well, looking forward to seeing how you got on.

  • Hope you had a good long run Teknik.

    Moving in right direction PC. I've been working hard on endurance so if you want some session ideas, just let me know

    Good news Wardi and serious long run in the bag! Amazing what difference a week can make. Would probably burn of a quarter of that burger so only 3 more runs like that to get back on level peggingimage

    Good day at Maidenhead today. Full race report over on SG's thread but finished 8th in 1.14.4x. Forgot to stop my watch so waiting for official result but good solid PB by over a minute

  • Johnas congrats on the half PB !image

    Wardi good job in bagging the 21 miler

    PCleasby nice sub40 10kimage

    I ran my 20 miler on Sunday at an "easy" 75%max pace, pleased it was only 8% slower than goal pace.  Recovery bimble yesterday, then a steady 12m this morning. All going well here...


  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Sounds like steady progress Teknik, likewise nice work on the 20m & the midweek 12m.

    Johnas.. fantastic run from you, all bodes well for Frankfurt.  BTW I'm half a stone lighter than the Spring so the odd burger, beer & chocolate treat (guilty as charged!) must be getting burnt off.  4.2m + 7m today.  Feel tons better now the virus is in decline. image

    Is there a post race bar venue meet up decided yet?

  • Great to hear you seem to be over the worst of the virus Wardi and training well again.

    Don't think anyone's made any suggestions for post race beers yet. Just wait until the taper kicks in and everyone's focus turns to the big day!

  • Wardi good to hear you're shaking the virus

    As far as beers are concerned, it might be good to pick one of the hotels near the finish.  There might be a big spread in finishing times though, so some of you will be drunk by the time I finish! 

    Had a good couple of days - 10m at maraHR yesterday unexpectedly came out as 7:28m, and I nailed another 20 miler (#6) this morning.image

  • I'm sure we can do better than a hotel Teknik. No need to worry about the spread of finishing times. TIme for everyone to go and shower and then meet up. Once were sat down no one usually wants to move much.

    THere is one universal truth though. Every pub we have ever chosen always has the toilet either up a flight of stairs or down a flight of stairs. It's quite comical but I suppose helps with the post race stretching.

    All inspired again after 21 miles yesterday and watching Great North Run this morning.

  • PCleasby Lol image.  Well done on the 21 miler.  I think I might have to brave the shower mêlée at the Festhalle - if I go back to my hotel, I know I won't get out again... 

  • I could barely move an hour after my run yesterday so god knows what I will be like after 26 in a few weeks time.  20 mile runs when you already have a bit of tendonitis in your ankle aren't really a good combo.  Struggle to get out the car and up the stairs to the terracing at the footie and even bloody harder to get back down them at full-time once I'd had 90 minutes to seize up. image

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Crutches Caniggia, crutches!  I'm sure you will make the start line!

    Good work PC & Teknik on the long runs, just the ticket.

    Teknik.. my hotel is very close to the start so I know what you mean!

    About 98% ok now so did the York Parkrun yesterday in 20:07, pesky headwind put paid to any heroics.  Felt good though so did a steady 20m today.  9m outside but as I didn't want to miss the Triathlon action did the last 11m on the treadie indoors - what a wuss! 

  • nice run longs PC, Wardi and Teknik. Pleased to report that I too managed my first 20 mile run yesterday! Glad to have got it under the belt and felt good considering quite a tough training week post Maidenhead Half.

    I had a good look at pubs etc this weekend and have also reserved a table of 6 at an Italian restaurant for saturday night. Looks good value and has good reviews. So far, PC and myself are confirmed so just jot your name down if you fancy a seat and I can always increase the numbers if we have quite a few takers.

    As for pub, I vote going native. This place looks decent - homebrew and sausages - what's not to like image

    Can you tell I work in event management?

  • Yep looking at those photos of the pub, there are stairs. Tradition is upheld.

  • mmmm....the pub is near mile 25 of the route, so if you're staying near the finish you'll need to get across Taunusstrasse and Hochstrasse to get there.  So that means U-Bahn or walking, as the taxis will be blocked off (unless we're meeting up after the cut-off time)?

  • having had a good look around, the alternative of a convenient 'irish' bar is worth the walk and effort IMO  image

    I believe the plan would be to be there before and LONG after cut offf! PROST!

    EDIT: You at Pleshey this Sunday Teknik?

  • Johnas good point - I'll have to try not to get lost this year !  Yes, I'm there for a MP run, with a few miles before and after - I'll be in my green MacMillans, so say hi if you see me image

  • exactly the same plan as me then! see you there.

  • Can I join you on the Saturday night for some food too please.  image

  • Johnas - stick me down for a seat please. I may as well eat properly one day in the year.

  • Good news and bad news.  After 5 days with no running at all my heel/ankle/calf feels much much better and for the 1st time in weeks/months the first few steps in the morning were not really stiff and painful.  Unfortunately I'm starting to go crazy and may kill somebody.  NEED TO RUN AND GET AWAY FROM THE WORLD. image  Please god let a week off sort my ankle at least until Frankfurt then I promise I will give it a proper rest.......well about a month or so's rest before the Tokyo training starts!!!!!! image

  • Some good plans going on here chaps and I'll definitely be interested in post race drinks.

    Thats sounds promising on the injury front Caniggia. Hope it settles down and you can get a good few weeks in.

    Injury has struck for me as well image turned my ankle after 13 miles of a 20 mile race across the peak distrcit. Not run since Saturday now but working hard in the gym. The ankle feels better and is improving by the dya and hopefully I can get back to running this weekend as things were going well.

    On a positive note I still mangaed to win the race and knock over 10 minutes off the course record. That despite turning an ankle and having to hang around at the last checkpoint because there was no one there when I arrived. Can't wait to go back next year for it image

    Hope everyone else manages to avoid any injuriesor illness from here on in.





  • avoiding illness is going to be a damn sight harder than the injuries I reckon - every bugger in the office seems to be coughing wheezing and sneezing at the moment!

    Top work on the fell race Dave. You're looking in fine form apart from your limp. Sound slike you've kept the fitness up in spite of it and actually, a forced rest week will probably do more benefit than damage.

    C33 - Hopefully I won't see you on the evening news anytime soon... I would say go for a run to relieve any stress but don't do too much too soon. Sounds like there's light at the end of the injury tunnel if you manage it correctly.

    So, for dinner so far:

    PC, Johnas, Stephen Malcolm, C33

  • Well done MC Dave on your run.  Just thought I'd point out the course profile for Frankfurt.............................

    With less than a 20m difference between the highest and lowest points on the course I think the Fell races me be a bit excessive to cope with the "undulations" you are about to experience.  Hope you are back running asap.

    As a slight upside for me the course is so flat if I have to resort to training a bit more on the dreadmill to make use of the bouncy surface it wouldn't be ideal but equally well it wouldn't be a disaster.  May try two or three miles after work tomorrow night and see how it feels the morning after the night before.

  • Good running folks. Where are the people who started the thread, it's all gone very quiet. Come and say hi!

    Lovely weather up in the North East at the moment, cool and bright. Ideal weather. Last long run planned for this weekend before having a cut back week next week including racing the Redcar Half, ramping it back up the following week culminating in the Kielder Marathon then 3 weeks to go until Frankfurt. Can't wait.


  • When did they start running Redcar at this time of the year.  It was the last run I ever had in the north east before I moved home from north shields to Dundee.   It was at the start on March and was ran in a blizzard.  It was a memorable occasion.  Hope they do better t-shirts than the one I got that day.  I was back in the flat, took my jacket off and thought hell it is a brown t-shirt it wasn't just the smog on Teeside abscuring my view.  It was an absolute shocker.  You wouldn't even be seen dead decorating in it!!!!!

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    PC.. I'm in Tadcaster (North Yorks), heading south to do the Isle Of Axholme half marathon a week on Sunday.  Looks pretty flat so excellent training for Frankfurt!  It's my first time at this race so please don't ask me where the Isle of Axholme is, somewhere east of Doncaster I think.

    Congrats on the win MC Dave, hope the ankle improves.

    Parkrun tomorrow & a long one on Sunday, weather looks good for it.

    Johnas.. I'll let you know about the Sat nosh.

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