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Normally I don't use a back pack but in June In taking part in an event that requires all runners to carry an OS map and compass around the 26 mile route.  I thought an hydration back back would be best.  however im not sure how I will get along with the straps as I have a large bust.  

Just asking if any other ladies out there have tried these and could make suggestions as a starting point

Cheers in advance 


  • I've got a North Face Enduro hydration pack that I like a lot and find very comfy. They are expensive, but I picked it up in a sale with a big discount.

    I think the most important thing is to try lots on to find one that fits well. When I bought mine (online) I also ordered a Salomon one, which on looks/features I liked more and was the one I thought I would keep. However it did not fit me at all and felt very uncomfortable across my shoulders even when empty. A womens specific one will likely fit you better if you have a large bust as the straps are cut for a female shape.

    Another option is a bum bag which a lot of fell runners prefer - presumably because you don't get a sweaty back like you would with a rucsac. They have the benefit of being cheaper usually too this one is only £12 and would be big enough to carry what you need to comply with most race kit lists


  • Similar thread here;

    Definitely try as many packs as you can (with some weight in them) and try to figure out what functions you want, what you actually need, and what will just add weight and faffing!
  • I've got a Raidlight Endurance 14 rucksack which is great, but possibly a bit much for a summer run.  An OMM 6L or Innov8 bumbag are cheaper options and you may get more use out of them generally.

    I have the OMM 6L, which also comes with its own water bottle and holder at the side of the main bag.  Plenty of space for some food and spare clothing if required alongside the map/compass and whistle you probably need to carry. 

    If there are plenty of water stops a hydration pack (if you intend on carrying water) will add to the weight you have to carry.

  • Up until now, I've used a Camelback Flashflo for runs up to and over marathon distance.

    It's a bumbag sort of design, rather than a full back pack, and just sits on the hips. It has a bladder (1.5l I think) and space for a few bits and bobs.  You'll easily get a map and compass in there, as well as a thin rain jacket and gels etc.

    Might be a better compromise in view of your boobage situation.

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