Fosters Law Kent Coastal Marathon

Making this one my first full marathon. Anyone had the pleasure of doing this one?


  • superb choice! this was my first marathon a couple of years ago at 50.... outstanding value for money, superb goody bag a usable technical shirt, a quality medal, support from marshals and drink stations is top drawer Thanet Road Runners are a friendly bunch you cant go wrong entering this marathon... the course is following the coastal paths so almost completly flat ( a small climb at north foreland when still fresh and 150 paces up fort hill past the Turner gallery when really really tired!) the second half following the concrete sea wall can be lonely but your mind will take you to some wonderfull places i'm sure! headphones are strictly barred instead of just advised against like other clubs but the club takes your safety seriously so i suggest you train without headphones, hope for cloud cover and no strong coastal winds and you will have a perfect day... im a good consistant  4.30 so tag on if this helps, have a great first Marathon.

  • Thanks for the info! Great to hear such a positive recomendation. Dedicated training begins next monday, very excited already. Done plenty of halves and ready to step up! I'm not one for headphones anyway, much prefer listening to myself and in races soaking up the atmosphere. Aiming for a sub 4, but I really have no idea how I'll fare over the full distance.  Being extremely ginger, the cloud cover will be extremely welcome! Thanks again Rick.

  • I am very tempted if the course is as flat as you say Rick. I am recovering from Malaria and it has completely obliterated my fitness. I will see how things go round Mersea Island in June then make a decision.

    Good luck Ginger, the first one is always the most special.

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    Agree about good organisation, and it's great to be running by the sea.  An enjoyable race, but with respect the first half really isn't flat. Anyone stepping up to a full marathon might wish to keep something in the tank for the 2nd (flatter) half. Early Sept can too rather warm too.  Full marks to TRR for staging this event.

  • Hope you have a speedy recovery then Malcolm, and I'll see you there.

    I'll be ready for it Poacher, cheers for the heads up.

  • Is this whole race on Tarmac does anybody know or is there trail involved?

  • Hi,

    I've just signed up for this marathon, so looking forward to it. My aim (though might be a bit unrealistic) is to run a sub-3 hour marathon? I've done a couple of months of training so far, and am doing around 17 1/2 miles at around a 7 min 10 sec pace. That was on a flat course, and I know I have a long way to go to up the distance and quicken my pace.

    However, given the experience people seem to have on this race, do you think my target is do-able? I'd imagine a lot will come down to the conditions on the day, but in general, is this considered a 'fast' course?

    Also, I presume there are no pacers on the day, so is there anyone out there who would volunteer to be my sub-3 hour mentor for the day?



  • I shall be providing sports massage on the day "pre & post", should you require advice during your training, then please feel free to contact me!

    Enjoy your running image

  • What do they have at the drinks stations please?

    Will it be water and Jelly Babies or are there gels and sports drinks?

    I did the Thanet costal 20 which I thought was great and really well organised run by the same club.

    Thanks Max 

  • A little late but since no one has responded to Max I will!

    Max, there are plenty of drinks stations all with water, I think bottled water rather than cups.

    Jelly Babies, well these are on offer at various points around the course by very nice members of the running club.

    If you are doing the Marathon then there are gels, I can not remember at which miles these are at but if you look on the Thanet Road Runners website then you will find all of the details on there.

    The organisation is fantastic, they address any issues that happened in the previous years in order to improve things going forward.  I would highly recommend any event organised by them - and no I am not a member of the club and have no ties to them.

    The course, well again this is detailed on the website but I can tell you the half Marathon part of the course is a little hilly, well quite hilly, there is a b*t(h of a climb at the light house on the way out, which because it is an out and back you get to do all of the hills in reverse on the way back - just remember that as you run up and down them going out!  The second half (which of course makes up the marathon)  - after you run past the start finish line - is mainly flat, there is one bit where you have to go down to the prom and then of course you need to get back up to the road - a short but harsh hill I think around mile 18 ish at a guess.  Finally there is a hill toward the end, you would have run down it on the way out (passed the police station) - Fort Hill - again is fairly short but at that stage of the race (around mile 24/25) can be a little tough - just thinking about the short distance that is left though will get you over it.

    If you did the Thanet 20 then some of the first half is over the same course, admittidly not much of it but the bit where you ran along the cliftops at Broadstairs and round to Ramsgate, well the course goes over that bit as well, although it is not entirely retracing the route.

    It is by no means a flat course but enjoyable yes, friendly yes and well worth doing.

    Oh I would recommend seeing Tim at the end of the race as well, he'll sort out any sore bits you might have, he is very good and a very experianced runner himself.

    I think that covers about it, oh, there are plenty of toilets at the begining and there are some public toilets on the way round as well.  

  • IF memory serves Gels appear directly after the Half Marathon point.. with jelly babies in full sugar laden swing by 15 miles served with big smiles and words of encouragement.. the Fort hill at about the 25 mile mark is a total of 140 paces as you pass the turner gallery....(from painful memory)....having re covered the ground recently yes the first half is more undulating then I remembered...sorry!

  • K Pea many thanks for your answer that is very helpful. 

    I dont really like carrying gels. I see from the clubs website that they are sponsored by High 5 so I am guessing it is going to be high 5 ones. 

    I did the Thanet 20 in 3hrs so I am hoping to do this one in four hours.  Anyone else aiming for around 4hr time.  Could do with someone experienced as a pacer. As I am a cyclist really this will be my first full marathon.

  • Hi, anyone fancy buying my place, unfortunately, I have sustained an injury, one that is not uncommon with runners.  I sent an email to the organisers, asking politely if I could either defer my place or get a refund and I got a unsmpaythetic reply back saying No deferrals or refunds given.  I cant understand why I cannot get a refund, as what are the organisers out of pocket for? Nothing, apart from printing my number, I'd gladly pay for this, but to give no refund, is NOT fair or reasonable in my opinion. Maybe next time I will think twice before entering races again, based upon this experience.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Most races don't allow refunds or defferals aphapartridge.

  • mordomordo ✭✭✭

    i have been injured and just building back to fitness. Did the salisbury 30k today which was more like 19.5 miles plus so looking to do a marathon in the next month. Can anyone tell me what the terrain is like?

  • Terrain, well it is on the road - OK some of it is on the prom but non of it would be considered trail running at all, it is a road race and that is exactly what it is.

  • Not long now! image

  • I run the half route today on a training run (which is the 1st half of the full marathon), and it was a little hilly in places but nothing to really worry about. You can see the elevation from my Garmin data.

  • Cheers for that skweeble! Yeah that doesnt look too bad. It's a flatter second half I hear so happy days.

  • Has anyone got race packs yet? My email said they'd be posted and the website says pick up on the day (or vice versa).

    My first full one too......

  • Nah, nothing yet either. Yeah, might ping an e-mail out to see if it's either or. Maybe someone can shed some light on this? Good luck to you Cotch!

  • I received mine last week and I only entered the week before. Might be worth contacting the organisers to check. Good luck on the marathon. 

  • I've just heard from the Race Director that numbers and chips are to be collected on the day.

  • Aye me too. Happy days.

  • Hey, imthinking of this one - would anyone be interested in a lift share from Windsor area on the M4 by any chance?.

  • If you have entered via RW then you need to collect numbers and chips on the day as it says in your confirmation email.

    Online entries and postal entries are now closed - check out the website for entry on the day details.

  • see you all there then ,most of my questions answered. thanks


  • Looking increasingly like there will be no entries on the day now

  • This is my first half-marathon and I'm very excited, if a little bit nervous! 

    Does anyone recommend carrying a packet or two of energy gel or glucose tablets with them around the course? I suffer from low blood sugar, so I am conscious of needing to re-fuel at 9/10 miles. I've heard that some gels are handed out but I'd rather bring my own in case I miss them! Thanks.

  • If memory serves me correctly the gels aren't handed out on the half course only the marathon course from half way so probably best to bring your own

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