IM Bolton

I'm looking at which event to enter in 2014.  Whichever I choose will be my cherry-popping IM distance event.  If all goes well, then I'll hopefully attend IM Austria 2015, as it sounds from other threads like this'll be the event of choice.

Top of my list at the moment for 2014 is IM Bolton (assuming it is held there next year); the main reason being convenience as it is right on my doorstep.

From what I can see though, it seems that this particular event is seldom discussed on the forum by Pirates.  I just wondered if there's any particular reason for this?

I seem to recall reading that there may have been some kind of dispute with the organisers many years ago, so perhaps this still has something to do with it.

IM Wales seems reasonably well-supported, so it's not like it's a complete M-Dot boycott.

Anyway, if anyone has any experience of Bolton, I'd be interested in hearing your views.


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