Electrical knowledge anyone?

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Whenever I put my dishwasher on a switch on the consumer unit trips... I've had the dishwasher for just over a year and it was fine until recently. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? I'm guessing that it's an issue with the dishwasher but I'm no expert.


  • I would say it is a problem with your plug socket. Try a different socket if you can.
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    I'll give it a shot. Can plug sockets develop faults over time?
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    Oh, thanks for the suggestion btw image
  • could also be a problem with the plug - maybe a loose wire causing a trip

  • De nada Taxi. Could be that the plug socket isn't designed for such a high voltage. My washing machine did the same thing as I had it in a socket that was put in for lights in the kitchen. When I put it into another socket there was no problem..
  • If your dishwasher isn't properly earthed then that can cause the circuit breaker to trip. Try it in a different socket, ideally if you can plug it into a socket that runs off a different circuit breaker then try that.

    Otherwise, if it's a year old then I assume it's under warranty...

  • Does yours have a heating element in it? Ours did and when it burnt though that tripped the switch. Though after a year it shouldn't have happened

  • Nick is right. I think my faulty plug socket was more to do with a cowboy electrical job than by design.
  • Just get the wife to do the washing up, and you can save on the eleccy bill
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    I've tried two more sockets, one on the same circuit and one on a different circuit, but alas with the same result... The plug is one of those molded ones and looks to me to be ok so not much I can do there... It has a heating element so I guess that could be the problem... I think it's time to dig out the warranty and take it from there. Thanks to you all for responding with various thoughts and ideas. Oh, DTES - you suggestion made me chuckle but as I don't fancy a good slapping I'll leave it at that image
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    Don't be tempted to mess with it if you don't know enough. A friend of my wife was electrocuted by a badly installed dishwasher just after they'd had a new kitchen fitted.

    (Not saying you were planning to, just saying its not a good idea).
  • Im an electrician and DF3 has pretty much summed it up. If it has a heating element in it the likelihood is that the element has burnt out and the lack of resistance is causing the breaker to trip.

    Get the warranty out.

    Dishwashers are notoriously difficult to fix as the parts are difficult to gain access to without the right tools. Manufacturers often fit screws with unorthodox heads on them so you have to have one of their "engineers" out to be repaired. Sneaky sods.


    N.B They've never been engineers in their life, it's just that hotpoint or zanussi or whoever made the machine call them engineers so as to justify the massive cost of getting someone out to repair the machine.

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