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  • I have to agree, the crowds were amazing. It would have been a long 26 miles without them. So up lifting.

  • Thank you for comments. The London Marathon is the best and crowds fantastic from start to finish. I'm 65yrs and have enjoyed the crowds each time completed. Everyone is a winner in London who compete from the front runner to the back markers and the crowd encourage each and everyone to get round safely.Well done to all      

  • Best moment - Chatting with Andrew Strauss (briefly) at the 5k mark.  He was the only 'celebrity' I actually recognised.

    Worst moment - was actually on 17th March; 5 weeks before VLM, running in the Finchley 20. At about 10 miles it finally sunk in that with various injuries, illnesses, work etc I hadn't done sufficient training and VLM 2013 was not going to be my finest.

    Most memorable - Running along the Highway at 21 - 22 miles and seeing the thousands of runners that had just reached half-way - an awesome sight.  Not sure why but that bit always sticks in my mind (relief probably).

    Goal - originally 3.05 - 3.10 but had to revise drastically (see 'worst moment')

    Actual - 3.25 (satisfied with that under the circumstances)

    Celebration - many beers in the 'Princess of Wales', Villiers Street.



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