Rome Marathon 2014

Hey guys,


I'm thinking of doing my very first Marathon next year and I think that Rome Marathon is gonna be my race! Hoping that the sightseeing along the course will distract me from any pains and aches.

I've only done a couple of races before and did my first half-marathon, Kungsholmen runt in Sweden last year (2.31.15), hopefully I'll train enough to finish Rome! But I migh need some help from you guys! I know it's almost a full year til the race, but I think I'll need it!


Anyone doing Rome next year?



  • Nope but I am off there tomorrow for a short breakimage

  • If all goes well, I'll be there! image

    5th marathon (hopefully!) - done Athens and Venice so Rome is an obvious choice to continue the historic marathon theme!

  • If I´m not successful in the London marathon ballot - probably. Thinking about Rome or Barcelona, but as I have been to Barcelona quite many times in the last years I think it will be Rome. Have done Stockholm, Amsterdam and Paris so far and is registered for Swiss alpine C 42 and Berlin later this year so it will be my sixth. 

  • SS - how was Paris? I think this may be my next European marathon after Rome.

  • Dopey: It was better than I expected. Had heard a lot of complain about the lack of organization but they seem to have shaped up in the last few years. The race is run by the same organization that does Tour de France and the Dakar rally so I guess they have some knowledge in their field.

    The only drawback I can think of is the fact that they don´t serve any energy drink, except for at one aid station. You also need a doctors certificate which can be time consuming and expensive to get hold of. But I definitely recommend it. Will probably do it again in the future.

  • Yeah, I was choosing between Paris, Barcelona and Rome, but people seem to think Rome is perfect for first-timers!


    Updating the site everyday for the online registration!

  • Added bonus of a 20th anniversary medal! image

  • Does anyone know what kind of check-up is needed? Because I can't find it, only the Health form.. does that mean that each doctor individually decide that?

  • Your doctor needs to complete the health form and you send it back to the marathon organisers.

  • Yeah, I know, but my doctor asked what was needed to be tested. If you have to do the whole EKG and stuff or just like a blood pressure and iron levels :P

  • Louise: Yes, it´s up to the doctor to decide what he or she want to check before signing the health form. The organizers want the document signed and stamped by a doctor and sent in before the race. They don´t care what sort of tests the doctor has done.

    By the way, as these tests can be expensive in Sweden, depending on which `landsting´ you are in, have you checked if you can join a club instead? Where I live the cost for having a doctor signing the health form is 900 kronor, but it costs only 200 kronor to join the local track and field club...

  • Just entered Rome Marathon for 2014 web site is not up to much so I'm hoping some one who has done it before can let me know what is the latest you can pick your number up. I've worked out that you can do it on the day before but can't find out what time it has to be done by. Does anyone know what time the registration point closes?



  • i've also just signed up for Rome 2014 image

    so far i've run copenhagen 2011, valencia 2011, madrid 2012, berlin 2012 and copenhagen 2013 last week! i'm looking for another marathon (maybe lisbon or budapest) later in the year so rome will be marathon number 7 for me.

    i can't wait to run it as the course is exactly what i like with something to look at all the time. the only other place i have experienced this so far is madrid.

    i have a blog at if you are interested in reading how i preparedfor my first and other marathons.

    see you in rome!!

  • Thanks Lyndyk image Will steal a few tips from you! image

  • Registered! image


  • How exactly where you able to register? Online or Fax?

    I've tried to register online and only thing I could do so far is make payment.

    My status is "Registration Incomplete" and I'm missing "Membership card" and "Health form". I've selected health form as membership option so it should not ask me for any membership card. And I cannot download PDF (actually I can but it comes up empty) with health form to take it to my doctor. 

    Half of the instructions are on the Italian, half in English, and it took me hours to figure out you can't use contact form if you put newline or ' characters in the message.

    Really frustrating and not good comercial for event. Just hoping it's worth of trouble... image

  • If you go to the 'Individual Athletes Fax' section of registration, there is a link to the health form, which you can then print off.

    From the reviews, it should be worth it. image


  • Well, thanks for the tip, but I'm kinda stuck with online registration since I already payed and got my ID. Just want avoid complications with double registrations since registering with fax means they will generate new ID for me. 

    I've contacted them and waiting for feedback. Since it's still early we'll let them slip few  . I'm also doing it (hopefully if I get registered eventually image ) because friend recommended it.

    Fingers crossed. 


  • No, you don't need to register again - just click on the 'Individual Athletes Fax' page and print the health form off from the link. It doesn't involve anything to do with registration again.

    Hope this helps. image

  • As far as I can work out once your doctor has signed your health form you can scan it in and email it to them or fax it to them then your registration will be complete.

    It says you can also take it with you and go to a special stand at the expo to complete your registration but this will have big queues and personally I would like to know that everything is in order before I fly out there.

  • Your registration has an area to upload the scanned health form. 

  • BTW, Womens Running magazine has a review of the Rome marathon this month - but, in contrast to all the other reviews I have read which enthuse about the sights and atmosphere on the course, it seems to suggest that the cobblestones are a major issue?!?!

  • Thanks for letting me know where to upload the form.

    I just ran Copenhagen marathon for the second time and some of it is on cobblestones. The first time it hurt because I had a big blister under my foot. The second time they weren't a problem at all even though they were wet from rain.

    I'll be to busy taking in the sites to worry about them image

  • Husband and I are also hoping to run, if we can figure out the website!  I've managed to pay, but not complete the other parts.  Do you have to have both a medical certificate AND England Athletics card?  The website seems to want both.

  • No just the health certificate or the card. See mine and Dopey Enoughs previous posts about the health certificate. It is a little complicated and I was considering running Barcelona instead because of this, but I'm glad I've signed up for Rome now. The course looks fantastic and I'm past due to visit Rome again image

  • Dopey Enough? wrote (see)

    BTW, Womens Running magazine has a review of the Rome marathon this month - but, in contrast to all the other reviews I have read which enthuse about the sights and atmosphere on the course, it seems to suggest that the cobblestones are a major issue?!?!

    That's exactly the sort of review I'd expect from Women's Running, which seems to assume we all think of 10k as an endurance event and are obsessed with pink.

  • Hi Lyndyk, thanks for that, but my problem is not locating the health certificate, it's that the website is insisting on having both a membership card and the health certificate, even though I have selected the option for membership of a foreign athletics body.  It is showing the registration as 33% complete at this stage. 

  • Good news re the cobblestones! image

    I assumed that all I had to do is scan and upload the health certificate - but I chose the health certificate option when entering registration details - I don't know if that makes a difference to the membership of a foreign athletics body? 

  • Like i previously said, online registrations are currently defected.

    I would strongly advise anyone to wait until this is fixed, or use fax procedure as described previously. If you already payed like I did, best thing is to complain using contact form (just make sure you don't use newline characters and ' sign) and wait.

    If you try to download health form from online registration site it comes out empty. You COULD download one that is ment to be used for fax registration but I believe these two may NOT be the SAME. I have a feeling that the one you download from online registration area is generated on the fly with all your user data already filled. Too bad it doesn't work like it should

    You could try downloading the one for fax registration but you risk going to the doctor twice if they are not the same and even if they ARE the same you are stick with defected site which

    - does not recognize you just uploaded the damn health form and keeps asking for it no matter what you do

    - always keeps asking for membership card even if I selected "Health Form" in previous steps

    - english site is partially translated 

    Guess they're just a bit relaxed image

  • Very similar to Venice marathon - spent so long registering and sorting out accommodation with the organisers - and, to top it all, just finished marathon in gale force head winds and rain so cold it was hailing over the bridge to Venice, shattered and feeling hypothermia set in - and no-one could find a boat back to the mainland!!! There was a whole bus load of unhappy marathoners when they finally got back! imageimage

    But, I would definitely run it again (in better weather!) - and I'm sure Rome will be just as special.image

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