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  • Hmm, maybe I will enlist the help of an Italian colleague to phone them.

  • I had similar problems I selected membership card and it kept asking me for health form. Phoned them up they were very helpfull and advised the document I uploaded (letter from uka as still not got membership card) was ok even though it was uploaded as a health form. Also had a problem with entering my half marathon time, I entered it as 1 hour 28 min but when I came to register for the race it showed as 1 hour 0 min. I explained I was not Mo Farah and my time was 1 hour 28 min. She confirmed they had the correct time and could not explain why it was showing up incorrectly on the actual application. Any way long and short of it the web site is not great if does give you the impression that once you've paid you are only one third of the way there and that you need to submit both a health form and membership card. However they assured me they only need one of the other, and within a few minutes of speaking to them my application had been approved. I guess once you have loaded the document it needs to be verified by them before they can confirm your acceptance. If you've paid and uploaded either health form or membership card then give them a call to make sure all is ok, there english is very good.

    Hope this helps

  • hi there, i also signed to do rome marathon ans its my first one. Done a few half marathons and I am looking forward to do this one!My only thing is that i would prefer to have company in running it rather than doing it alone!

  • Thnx Dean,

    I was finally able to confirm my registration.

    Downloaded my health form from fax registration part of the site, had it signed by my physician, uploaded it to my online registration profile + sent it by e-mail.

    I was confirmed within 24h, still waiting for my BIB number.

    Looking forward to Rome... image


  • I did Rome last year and am considering it again for 2014, the cobbles are not a problem at all, I managed a PB, and as for the medical forms, Doctors were charging quite a bit of money last year, so I joined a local running club which included membership into Athletics England. They very kindly gave me  aletter to send which is accepted in place of the medical cert, it costs less, and will get you many discounted entries into other events.

    The race was really good with excellent support although it was 1/2 mile too long last year due to detours for the Papal elections which were taking place.

    Despite this still managed my PB so all in all great course in a magnificent city and worth it for the photos at the end, the official finish line photo is the best I've ever seen

  • Hi! I've signed up for this marathon too!  It will be my first one. I had a few issues with signing up on line. I payed by bank transfer in the end and scanned the forms, then sent them by email. Registration was confirmed complete around 2 weeks ago. Really looking forward to it. Any seasoned marathoners out there got any tips on Rome? Anything about the runners village (registration and kit collection) or the course itself would be handy!




  • Registered or done or at least I made an attempt to register last week and like most faced problems, especially uploading the doc certificate. I called them following day to explain the problem but I was informed that I must wait as it takes time to process the applications.

    No response yet and it’s over a week, anyone else facing/faced similar problem?

  • Hi Guys

    This thread seems to have gone quite, i suppose its too early to make any plan, even training image.

    I have not received any response yet, i fired them another email asking for an update so i hope to get some sort of acknowledgment soon.

  • From the web page:

    "Dear runnes, our office will be closed for holiday from August 1st to 30th and normal business will resume on September 2nd. In the meantime, you will be able to register online to 20th Maratona di Roma on MYMDR anyway. We won’t be able to confirm your registration until the first week of September, though. Enjoy your Summer!"

    BTW, did I understand some earlier posts correct, that you need to decide when you sign up if you gonna send in a medical certificate or a club card? My plan is to try to get hold of a medical certificate through some contacts as it´s very expensive to get it the formal way. If I´m not successful with that, my plan B is to join a local running club instead.

  • thanks for the update, wow month long holiday, seems i ma in a wrong business, i should been 'running' the marathon image.

  • I have now received a conformation letter with my bib number on it. Has anyone else? My first marathon, so time to my mileage now I think!
  • Yes, I can confirm. Also got my BIB yesterday. Hopefully it' ll be lucky.

  • Yep i can count myself lucky too image

  • No bib here, but I guess that´s because I haven´t provided any medical certificate or club membership card to the organizers yet.

  • Hey, no bib here either and all paid, will chase.  Thanks.

  • We are approaching 12 week widow, just wondering if it would be a good idea to revive this thread with keeping all concerned informed of their target time, training mileage/program or hear from previous Rome mara runners?

  • MandM: I am following a 16 week training schedule based on three runs a week. So far I mainly do the mileage and don´t care about the speed, but my plan is to speed up in the begining of next year when the holidays are over.

    I did 3.40.26 in Berlin and my goal is to cut some time from that. I will say I target something like 3.38-3.39. My main concern is that we start to get a lot of snow in Sweden which means that I will bulid up my mileage on soft snow. As there seems to be some cobblestones  on the course I see a risk of sore legs, or even injury.

    I also keep an eye on the official Serie A website to see if the Lazio-AC Milan fixture will be moved to saturday or sunday evening. Would be great to include the game in the trip.

  • SS, wow three runs a week and the berlin was 3:40, i am shocked. This is the first time i've seen someone achieved fantastic time with just 3 runs a week and NO speed session, this totally opposite to what i have been reading.

    I agree that cobblestone will be a concern but I also read that some runners did not feel that at all so I guess its somehow related to style of the runners?

    I would love to do 3:40, even prepare to do 4 runs a week if required, so would you care to share your training secrets? I bet it would consists of lots of fartlek runs image.

    Oh yeah I would love to have Serie A game included in the trip so do keep us posted if you can.


  • MandM: Believe it or not but before Berlin I actually only ran twice a week. image What I did was to follow the Furman / First program, but remove the speed works. But I also train boxing twice a week. It gives strong core and legs which is great for running.

    Before Rome I plan to follow the same structure, ie the two sessions from Furman/First and two boxing classes, and then add a "junk miles" run in a length of about 7-8 miles just to get the mileage up.

    There is a thread about Furman/First and running three days a week here which i recommend you to take a look at:

  • Stockholm, you are just clearly just fit and stuff! (I nearly wrote "like Jedward" who are, it turns out, quite good XC runners, but I thought that would just alarm people to say the least). A runner with good core stability!!! Whatever next. It'll be strong gluteus medius muscles and flexible hamstrings followed by the apocalypse image

    I'm just doing it for training so as long as I finish in one piece with a medal there'll be no grumbling from me! Have fancied this ever since I saw the medals at the marathon  expo in Helsinki four years ago (no actual people at the stall, they'd gone off for a nap I think!).

  • SS, humm that FIRST cropped up again but how can it be FIRST if you remove the speed work? I do follow my own training prog which is loosely based on how i feel so not a great believer in structured training. Anyway thanks for the insight and sharing the link, i will continue with my 4 runs a week.

  • MandM: With speed works I mean intervals, the ones labeled "key run # 1" in the FIRST training schedules. image 

    There are two other things worth mention: 1. I ALWAYS do the long run, even if I only can do one run during a week. 2. I do most of my runs on a undulating walking path, which means that hill training is automaticly included in my training. However, in the winter there is prepared tracks for cross country skiing there so it´s not possible to run. Then (now) I have to do all my runs on the road instead.

  • Thanks SS, so my weekly training plan for next 12 weeks must include:

    1. Long run (undulating course) 15Mile+

    2. Interval session varying at 10K pace to HM pace (TM run)

    3. One Progression run 10-12K

    4. Easy run 8K

    How does above sound to you?

  • MandM: I´m definitely not an expert in but I think it looks good. I don´t know if you have listed the runs in "priority" order from 1 to 4, but if that´s the case I would recommend you to switch 2 and 3. You wrote that you´re not a fan of structured training but I think it may be a good idea to have some sort of strucutured progression of the long runs. Maybe you can take these runs from some training plan and do the other three runs based on how you feel?

  • Nop it was not the "priority" order but anyway will follow your recommendation.

    I guess its kind of structured to do 4 runs per week but the nature of the runs (interval/progression) depends on how i feel on the day. I hope 35-40 miles a week should put me in the 3:40 frame!!

  • Definitely also hoping to get to the Lazio game too. Flights and accommo sorted but still need to register for the race but looks like it'll be after Christmas now due to finances!

  • Robin Lomax

    Hope your registration process is toruble free, unlike quite a few of us who faced small hick ups during the reg.

  • Yesterday participated in a 5mile race to gage the fitness, got 36:57, does this result makes the sub 3:40 unrealistic?

  • according to the McMillan online calculator you could do a 3:38 from that paceimage 

  • thanks, in your experience how realistic these online calculators are? It must be hard to calculate prediction without knowing the type of training and more importantly weekly mileage?

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