Cotswold Marathon Cancelled - No refund...



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    I think if you follow NigeJ 's advice - you can get your money back relatively easily. 

    Gavin - what did the uka say?

  • I did get a full refund eventually. The only reason I got this was because I wrote to UK Athletics. I would suggest that other people follow the same path if they are dissatisfied.

  • Did any of you enter any of these marathons on the Events page here on RW. If so, then in my opinion, RW should be informed because they shouldn't advertise any more races to enter which are being run by this dodgy sounding company..
  • I had an entry for Boddington M 2013.   Had answer phone message 20.5.13 to say that it was cancelled and that a refund would follow in 4-6 weeks.   I've recently exchanged several emails with Administrator, and become increasingly agitated and felt that they were taking the mickey.

    admin appears to have fallen out with Ann Wilson, who has the money.   He gave me her contact details and said I should approach her.  I felt that my contract was with the one whose bank a/c my dosh had been paid into, and anyway why sould I do the legwork.   Ultimately, I said that I wanted a refund within14 days, or I would 'take the matter further'.   I was thinking of contacting UKA, trading standards, researching small claims court for starters. 

    The cheque arrived today from Wilson in a very peevishly scrawled envelope !

    I hav'nt paid the cheque into the bank yet - it it bounces, that's another matter !


  • If the cheque bounces - sue on the cheque (as opposed to on the underlying contract).

    There is no defence to a claim on a dishonoured cheque - and you are entitled to summary judgment.

  • Thanks Beetle.  I think its v import that people push for refund in cases like this.   Even if the entry form says 'no refunds' - if someone makes an unreasonable rule, you are not necessarily bound by it.   Otherwise we'd all be selling tickets for Rolling Stones concerts, cancelling them and pocketing the money !

    A blacklist of dodgy races/organisers might be as useful as the list of the best which appears in RW every year.

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    I have spoken to a number of people who have had races cancelled due to say weather (mostly last years Gloucester marathon and new York marathons) and seem very accepting of it. Its never happened to me however I would expect a full refund.

    If the organiser in particular is a profit making organisation and they choose to take a risk and organise a marathon mid January then that's their risk to take, why should I fund it. I am sure race organisers can take out insurance on things like this happening. If I had a driving lesson booked and the instructor cancelled because it had snowed overnight, I would not expect to pay for that lesson!

    Sorry- slightly off centre of the main conversation.

  • No, DT19, you are spot on !

    If the race had been cancelled at the last moment due to storms of biblical proportions, and most of the expenditure for loos, t shirts/medals etc had taken place, that's one thing - perhaps a partial refund could be accepted.   However, Boddington was cancelled weeks ahead of race-day, so it's unlikely that much money had been spent (e.g. How m any shirts/medals do you order until you have some idea of how many you will need?)

    I hope that everyone will demand a refund, or runners' acquiescence will cause this sort of thing to happen more frequently.

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    I have a degree of sympathy when its say weather related like blocs last January though would still want a refund, however in the above matter, as has already been said, not properly marketing and selling your race is a commercial shortcoming and is their mistake. In terms of outlay, I know a few race organisers and there is a lot of front loaded cost. T shirts are normally ordered a good 4-6 months in advance. Still, no one else's problem. 

  • Has anybody had a refund  for half last years entrance fee for the Gloucester Marathon. It's not going ahead next year so that's a nice little earner for Mr and Mrs Wilson!!!


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    They are currently trading again under the same name with lots of races planned for this year. Contact them to find out what they plan to do
  • I wonder what the outcome of the previous posts back in 2013 was .... I for one wouldn't risk any of the races now that they have listed for this year!
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    I've looked back and seen (to my surprise!) I have done six of their events (a marathon, four 50Ks and a 35.2) and don't remember finding much if anything to fault them on.  Perhaps the only thing was the very late appearance of any race day information for entrants, so perhaps races for seasoned campaigners who don't worry about such things.

    I can say their mementos are the best of any I've got.  Paperweights and cut glass tumblers.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Just looked at the website, which seems a lot more comprehensive than it used to be, and seems to have Anne W as the only organiser.  The Gloucester marathon took place OK by all accounts.

    The Redwick event is very local to me, but I'm not a great fan of multiple small loops.  You lose track of who you're competing against.
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