Applying for the London marathon for the first time

I've decided I want to make the move from 10k to marathon and raise as much money as I can in the process I've applied for 1 golden bond place already. How long do they usually take to reply? I read somewhere else that to increase your chances yo U should apply with different charities. I'm just worried that if I hear from the others before my first choice charity I wouldn't know whether to take the place or not and would feel rude for not replying. Opinions? Also I have a leg injury, have had for 5 years, where my leg aches constantly and it gets worse when I walk on it. I find the slower I go the more it hurts, so when jogging it doesn't hurt during, just a lot after. I've had every test under the sun and no one can find anything wrong with it so do you think I should be ok to do a marathon? I'm on painkillers now that take the edge off. This is one of the reasons I want to do it. I was never sporty until this started, now I want to run the marathon just to prove I can despite my leg. Obviously I will ask my gp but appointments take weeks to get so just wanted to hear thoughts in the meantime Anyway, I do apologise for rambling, but thank you in advance for any advice, and would also appreciate any general advice for a first timer


  • first thing if you want to do it is to enter the ballot when it opens this week.if you get your own place then you can choose any charity in the world that you want to to raise money for.......with no minimum limits.

    at the sam etime you can apply for a gold bond place.i would only apply to those that mean something personal to you as its hard rto raise the money for something you know nothing about......

    the third thing then is can you do it......taking regular painkillers when exercising is not good....try and reduce those.....

    also start training now for the marathon.don't leave it till 4 months up slowly on a plan from 10k to a half marathon.look for one in the autumn to aim for....and build up slowly and see how it goes.if the leg pain gets too much then towards the end of the year when you get the notifications you can turn down any charity places offerred

  • All I can say is good luck BigB. I haven't gone down the charity route before so not sure what the process is with golden bonds and all that. I don't think it's too difficult to get a charity place if your willing to apply for lots, but then you might get your 5th or 6th choice and a charity that's not so personal to you. I'm sure your already aware of the large minimum amounts they ask to raise.

    As for the leg. I'd strongly reccomend trying a half marathon first and seeing how you get on with that. You say it hurts when you go slower or walk, but without a lot of training, you are likely to do this at some point during the marathon so could really struggle. I'm sure you'll find this out in the 18-20 mile runs and whether it'll be possible for you to keep going at a pace where the injury doesn't cause pain.

    Good luck! 

  • I'm fine with the pain. I was 13 when this started, and I've had many other medical problems that have caused pain before so I'm used to it. I've only just started these painkillers so I'm used to being without them so ill make sure I don't take many while training. As for the charities, we aren't the luckiest of families, so there are about 15 charities I could apply to all of which are very relevant and important me, but I really do hope I get a cancer research place as half of my family has been diagnosed at some point.

    Thanks for you advice. I will definitely try and get my name into the ballot, and will apply for other charity places image
  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    I'd back up the advice about running with painkillers.  Talk specifically about this with your GP.   It feels all wrong to me.   Pain is there for a reason - to prevent you doing damage to your bodily tissues.  9 times out of 10, it's important to listen to it!

    I hope you're good to go... and good luck with sorting out a place.

  • Can you ask your GP to refer you to a physio or the biomechanics unit at your local hospital about the knee pain?  I've had problems with my knee on and off for a few years and after two lots of physio and seeing the boimechanics people next week to try and finally sort it out.  Due to the knee pain I had to walk the London marathon last weekend as the physio said it was highly probable I wouldn't complete it if I tried running it and that I would injure myself more in the process.  As Run Wales says pain is there for a reason so I would seriously consider trying to get some professional advice before you attempt such a long distance.

    I hope you can get a place though and get the knee sorted out, doing London is an amazing experience and I loved it even though I had to walk. image

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