Time for a change from Nike Pegasus 29, any recommendations, neutral runner.

Ive  always run in Nike Pegasus when I train and do marathons. Thing is I think the 29 version isn't  as good as the 27 or 28, seems less cushioning.

So anyone recommend a good neutral shoe  instead of the Nike Pegasus 29 please.

Also anyone else think the same and that the 29 isn't as good a solder versions?


  • I switched to the Zoom Elite when the pegasus moved to version 29. Done 1/2 my London training and the race in them and will defo get them again.


    Plenty of different colours


  • I use Nike Vomeros. Great cushioning. Some people comment they are "too cushioned" and they don't like the "spongy feeling". I love them. I'm onto my 6th pair. Def more cushioned than the pegasus in my opinion. They are more expensive though and not that easy to get. I get mine from Start Fitness.

  • Thanks guys, anymore ideas. Neutral cushioning shoe. What about dyfiance, heard they are good or brooks 7.


  • Anymore recommendations cheers.


  • I moved from Pegasus to the ASICS 21 series. Currently they are at  ASICS 2170.

    Much more cushioned shoe.

  • Seems they are for pronators?

  • Brooks dyfiance seem good?

  • I've been running in Nike Pegasus since I started about 3 years ago. I couldn't feel any significant difference between the 29's and the 28's.

    Admittedly I've only done a couple of 5-mile runs in the 29's, and the 28's I'm comparing them too have nearly 300 miles on them.

  • The 29s ARE different.  I'm so frustrated.  I've used the 27 and 28 and this year mail ordered the 29 thinking they were the same but just with new style.  They eliminated the midfoot stabilizer in the 29s.  I was working on setting a PR in my half at the end of April.  At the end of March when my running really starting picking up my sore feet got considerably worse.  I had to really back off on my running and let go of my PR.  I ran the half but just couldn't push myself the way I wanted in my training.  Anyway, I just now figured out that the minimalist fad has influenced this shoe.  The Pegagsus is a perfect shoe for my feet but without the mid foot stabilizer the shoe is just too soft and does not provide the support my feet need in the arches and through the mid foot.  I'm so frustrated that they made this change based on a fad when the shoe has been a standby for so many for so many years.  

    So yes, time for a change.  Any good recommendation on a shoe that is just like the pegasus 27/28.  Soft, but good midfoot control/stability and is nutrual? 


  • I went for the Brooks defyiance 6.

  • Having done a few more miles in the Pegasus 29's, I'm less happy with them. Found I was developing an ache in my right knee when doing longer runs on tarmac.

    Went back to my 28's which don't give me that problem. I've got nearly 350 miles on them now, so I've bought a pair of Brooks Ghost 5 (if you go to the Brooks website and tell it what shoes you currently use it will tell you what their nearest equivalent is). Only done a couple of runs in them, good so far.

    Not sure if I'll run in my Pegasus 29's again, they seemed OK for shorter runs but I'm thinking it's not worth the risk.

  • I had nothing but pain and aches and injuries with the 29's, the 28 and 27 were great shoes.

  • I almost bought a pair of Vomeros today, felt very comfortable. Shop assistant in a very good shop advised against the Pegasus 29. In the end she recommended a bit of stability based on her observations of my running and walking style so I went for the Nike Zoom Structure 16, doesn't feel quite as comfortable as Vomero, but still very nice.

  • I went through a similar journey looking for a different shoe to the Pegasus 29 and tried just about everything on the market driving those working in running stores crazy but in the end decided the best replacement for a Pegasus 29 was a Pegasus 30 which I'm going to wear for London Marathon - just more comfy than anything else


  • I've found the 29 way softer than any Pegasus before or since.

    I rotate two pairs of Vomero 7 with them - the cushioning feels more or less identical to me. The 29 is definitely the "faster" of the two though.
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