Exe to Axe

I ran the exe to axe (exmouth to seaton coastal route) recently the hardest run ive ever done. im training for the edinburgh marathon too. Basically my question is how do peoples times compare from the exe to axe to a marathon?

I ran the exe to axe in 3 hours 22 which i was told was good but obviously a marathon is longer and ive never run that distance before


  • That's a pretty impressive time, mine was 3hrs 35 and i came 24th. Was well chuffed with that.

  • Chris. I did Exe to Axe a few years ago in about 3:15 and I was at around 3:30 marathon ability at the time. There are lots of variables though. When I did the E2A it was dry underfoot, so fastish. Hope this helps.

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