Valencia Marathon 2013



  • I've put half a stone on laying off thr smoking. You know 6 weeks to Valencia. I reckon I could shed a stone if I put my mind to it. With no ill effects. I might throw myself a gauntlet.
  • well done for knockin the cancer sticks of death on the head mate! image - treat yourself to a couple of Star Wars figures .....

  • If I tried to knock off a stone in the next 6 weeks then I don't think I would have the energy to actually train!

  • Its true mate. But at this point, dropping the weight might improve my time more?
  • theres no quick fix this close to the marathon, enjoy the journey of knocking a bit off each time. Just eat well, lay off the choccy n cheese n beers n biccies, eat your superfoods, good carbs like porridge, brown rice, and nice lean meat n fish for you protein. Snack on fruit and salad only, eat little n often , keep the portion sizes down, have 6 or 7 small meals a day rather than 3 big ones ... Skim milk, sushi, spinach .... Considered wheat and GF free pasta? Lay off the bread, burgers, sausies and fast food. Drink plenty of water and make sure u get your vitamins ... You will notice a difference, but make sure you fuel yourself properly for you long runs .....

  • Jimbob, have you been going through my food cupbroad? If I cut all that out, what is there left to eat?!

  • Interesting what you say about sub 4:00 marathon, jimbob. I was revved up to do Barca HM sub 1:50 in Feb, fell short and ran 1:51:06, prev pb was 1:56. Only marathon to date is Valencia 4:30. The thought of knocking half an hour off that seems a million miles away from a 1:51 HM! Had a lot of silly injuries this summer and only now feeling back in good shape so dreams and hopes of sub 4:00 this time are out the window.

    Totally agree on your diet advice, jimbob, when eating good healthy food, energy levels feel much higher image


  • JakeUK - there are calculators like Runners world and Macmillan that calculate you a predicted marathon time based on a recent performance. The macmillan calculates you at about 3.42, the runners world about 3.51. Those calculators are a little mis-leading as we all know the marathon is a different beast and there are so many factors that can affect performance. I would say double your half time and add 15-20 minutes for your marathon ..... but you have to be honest with yourself - don't over do it, getting your pacing right is tricky - you dont want to over extend yourself - or go too slowly and miss your chance.  Do a long run at target pace of say 9 minute per mile for 20-21 miles and see how you feel from it. make sure you get your fuelling right - fuelling is key. I don't like suprises on race day so i almost know where i am with my training before the race starts. On race day set yourself a realistic goal, and mile pace and go with that. In Berlin training i was training for anything between 3-3.15 finish time but on the day i knew my niggling injuries were going to hamper me so i adjusted my expectation to allow my race pace to err on the slower end of my "fitness scale"..... pacing myself for 3.10 (as opposed to 3) - if you know where you are in terms of conditioning - its just about executing your pace and race plan (and hanging on in the difficult last 6 miles) - what will you do for fuelling in the race?


  • JB, I am beginning to suspect that at my weight I can't pace a perfect mara. After about 3 hours I am beaten up and dragging myself round at any speed. I reckon my best chance of a 4 hour is to go as far as I can at 11kish (which as my top cruise and will be somewhere between 2:30- 3 hrs) and try to drag the rest when I fade. If I drop to 10.5 (or even lower) I think I'll fade a very similar point and have no leeway.

  • PM - you have Venice, then Valencia, then a spring marathon to make improvements. Don't worry too much about reaching your goal yet, just make little steps/improvements at each race. If you can knock some time off your PB at the next marathon, it's progress - if you have a mare and crash, you can put it down as valuable race experience at this bloody difficult distance. Try and take positives out of every step. Like in Paris, you were getting over a cold, you adjusted your expectation, and you went out and enjoyed it and completed your first marathon. Its all good mate! For your spring marathon you should look at your diet and make the lifestyle changes gradually, and write out a workable training plan. Trying to drop weight quickly so that you can attack the 4 hour threshold in valencia is probably not the best idea. By all means, change the eating habits - start the lifestyle change now (to a point), but bear in mind you need to be taking on your porridge and fuelling yourself up for 2 marathons in the next 6 weeks ....

  • Jimbob, not sure I could do 20 miles at 9 min miles right now tbh. My training routes are plagued by damned hills, would have to run up and down the promenade 20 times to get a flat 20 miles! Defintely cannot do 20 miles at 9min miles over a normal long run route. Yesterday did 18 miles which included 2,400' of ascent up some nasty inclines. Last year I think the amounts of hills I covered really helped on race day. Regarding fueling, zipfit gels are my poison, get a decent dose of energy from a single one, never had any digestion problems as many people seem to suffer with gels. Pacing has always been tricky for me, possibly as I depend on my watch so much, if I look down and see I am going what I consider too fast I slow down then end up going too slow. Am going to try a week of leaving the watch running at home and setoff on known 10k & 10 mile routes and stopping it when I return home!

    Bought some new trainers last week, NB 1080v3 & some Asics lyte for raceday. Does anyone else get frustrated by shoe manufactures continually changing a shoe that really suits? Previous NB 1080v2 was absolutely perfect for me, the v3 seems more squishy on the heel, don't really like that as much as the feel of the v2.

    Will you be lining up in the 3:00 zone, Jimbob?

    Hope everyone is getting into the zone for Valencia, seriously excited here image

    Stay fit and healthy folks..

  • Jake, sounds like yesterday's LSR was a decent session. If u can run an even pace it sounds like u could do a 4 hour mara. As long as u finish your training cycle as planned, taper correctly, u could be bold, get the Garmin and pace 9mm which would give u 3.55. Based on your half I think its doable. 

    I won't go for 3 hours in Valencia. I won't be able to improve between now and race day. Still knackered from Berlin. Ran 1.26 yesterday at Great West Run. Now plan to try to maintain existing fitness. If I can achieve close my Berlin performance I will consider that a success. Will try and improve through winter training and target faster time in Paris in April.

    Yes, trainers, when they change the model it can be annoying, but it can also help. The vapor 9s were so much better than the 8s. Now I've changed to brooks Ravenna, I'm on the 3s and they are good, recently picked up some 4s, will start breaking them in end of Jan so will see if they better or worse than the 3.



  • Morning all - managed 20 miles/32 at the weekend in 2 hours 57, although I did stop the clock (and get a cheeky little rest) a couple of times to buy water, wait at traffic lights etc. Not sure all that time in the rain and cold was good though, got a stinking cold now and the race is one month tomorrow!

  • Sounds like a decent run Daniel image Funny you mention colds, just got over the same, read all sorts of conflicting advice re: running with a cold. Didn't seem to have too much impact on my training, laboured breathing was my biggest problem. Smash the stinking cold outa the park with some tough runs imo image

    Had a terrible 10k run last night, legs were painful as hell for the first 5k, was sure glad to reach home. Brutal hill session planned for tonight, the hill gets steeper and longer with each repitition!

    Had an email from Ryanair to say our flight (from Ibiza on Saturday pre race) had been moved to Sunday lunchtime!! Claimed a refund and travel Friday instead, a bonus really, extra time to explore the wonderful city.

  • that's a great run Daniel - well done mate. I've just done a couple of halves and have to now rest for Venice in 11 days. which is my last long slow run before Valencia image


    you live in Ibiza jake? or just doing a bit of taper clubbing?

  • Just been reading lots of praise for Paris marathon in a book; "Keep on running, the highs and lows of a marathon addict". The author loves the place, certainly sounds like a place to get a decent time Jimbob. I will lookout for your posts to see how you go there. Hm of 1.26 would suit me down to the ground, that's a decent pace for 13.1 miles, my legs ache thinking about it! Entered my first 50 miler next May, long and slow is the way forward for me!!

    pm, we moved over here, 3rd September 2012, best life decision ever. Training in the heat has it's drawbacks though!


  • Wow pm, a couple of halves between now and a full marathon in 11 days? My planned taper is much more gentle!

    Went for a short 6k last night with a cold, it was like running with the handbreak on. Grrrr.

  • I have recently signed up for Valencia Marathon has anyone any advice on the race who has done it before? 

    Also has anyone any good info on Valencia itself...good places to eat out and for a drink afterwards etc...



  • JR1878 - no idea, I booked a hotel near the start/finish area and my flights, but that is as far as I have got but I too could do with some guidence!

  • JR. checkout the route on the official Valencia marathon website, you will see it is virtually flat throughout with drinks every 5k, sports drinks every 10k and gels at two aid stations. Plenty of crowd support all around the course with impromptu bands etc.

    We go as a family break and stay in the old part of town where there are lots of great eating and watering places, it's a short bus or taxi ride to the start. I'm sure over the next week or so people will arrange to meet for a few beers, I think from last years thread a few met in an Irish bar near the finish.

  • Shout out to Pottermoss who's running the Venice Marathon this weekend as a warm up for Valencia! Good Luck Sunshine! hope you get some - sunshine that is image

    I will attempt some reasonably heavy mileage myself, but it will be more of a toodle

  • I signed up for this early in the year and i've not received anything my email or post which is getting a bit concerning since the marathon is in 20 days! The website isn't helpful as it is all in Spanish and the 'translate' button doesn't really help. There isn't any info on the race day (where to go / how to get there etc) like I have had in other events.

    Can anyone shed some light? 


    Thanks image

  • Final long run yest, taper begins!


    I haven't got anything either, doubled checked my registration on the website and I was theere but thats about it

  • Jake thanks for advice much appreciated.

  • RM, have you been using this link;

    Under the heading "MARATHON" left of the links bar, there is a load of info about the race/ race day etc.


  • Looking at that link I can;t actually see where it is to go and pick up race number/timing tag and when to collect them/ Am I just missing it?!

  • Morning all

    Entered this one earlier in the year, just ran Dresden Marathon last week so now looking forward to this one. Daniel I haven't received anything but have checked I am in the race and found I was confirmed as entered which is a start!!

    I shall be travelling to Gatwick for the EasyJet 17:25 flight on Friday 15 Nov if anyone is around, let me know. I also saw a mention of a meeting place for a beer, anybody any idea what it is called?



  • Yeah, I checked the website and it says I am in but that is as far as I have got.

    Anyway else on the saturday morning flight out of Gatwick?

    I am deffo up for a few beers Sunday evening after the race

  • From the same site, the ( links to a brief explanation of the number/ bag collection. Basically on Friday (all day) or Saturday until 21:00 collect bib numbers and bag with t-shirt and pins etc from the science museum area. It is well signposted and plenty of Spanish girlies on hand to help out image

  • Daniel. I'm on that flight as is Pottermoss I believe. I've already printed my boarding passes. Meet u at airport for a cuppa? Chat nearer the time to exchange mobiles.

    I did 20 miles on Dartmoor on Sunday, as well as a parkrun on Saturday in Devon which was tough. not really tapering for Valencia. Just doing what I can, when I can.

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