Comparing Sprint Tri's with half-marathons

I'm not exactly sure I could answer this question myself, but I'll ask it anyway. I'm doing my first sprint-tri in May, and I am wondering what to expect in terms of effort, exhaustion and recovery afterwards. Would it compare to, say, a half-marathon?

This would be assuming a similar level of fitness and training, of course.


  • Recovery wise in my opinion a sprint tri is way quicker too get over then a half marathon... But it's all about perceived effort... If you cruise a half marathon you need no recovery pretty much... If you haven't done much tri training and go absolutely crazy at the sprint distance you will feel it... But all in all if your running half marathons you will be fine!
  • If you feel dizzy when you get out of the water, retch whilst cycling and cry on the run then you're pretty much there for the sprint. image

    I reckon the entire thing feels more like 10km effort. Recovery/exhaustion is on par with HM, though spread through the whole body rather than just the legs.

  • as IC5 says, it's more akin to a hard 10k than a 1/2 marathon - balls out from the off.


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