Ran London, now got the Manchester marathon on Sunday! Recovery tips?

Hi guys! I'm a new runner and run or charity as I'm partially sighted and want to raise as much as I can for research into sight disorders. I ran the VLM on Sunday - was thrown by the heat and came in at 4:06:06 - I wanted sub 4 hours really. Anyway, foolishly or not, part of my charity bid is to run the Manchester marathon this coming Sunday. My legs are getting less stiff today, got a lightly inflamed post tibial tendon on my right ankle I think, but nothing too major. I have zero experience of running endurance events back to back. Would love some advice on the best ways to recover as much as poss by Sunday. Can I expect to be back to good fitness, or is it going to be a struggle? Anyone had any experience of this? Thanks in advance!


  • I'm doing the same - marathon of the north on Sunday - and I've scheduled 3 small runs approx 3 miles each. Lots of stretching and foam rolling and good food and vitamins.

    My training plan had me running back to back (over weekends) mara's so I'm pretty confident I can do it.

    How do you feel? May be good to loosen the body and get a recovery run in if you're ok? Massage ?
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    Hi, I did something similar last year and did plenty of walking, and a bit of stretching after warming some of the muscles up on a roller.  This really helped with the recovery, along with trying to get some rest and good food. Resting and icing any inflamed muscles is a priority

    You won't shake off the full impact of the previous marathon - there will no doubt be tiredness and stiff muscles lurking even towards the end of the week, so I would avoid any significant runs. I did one 2 mile run the day before the second marathon, more to convince myself I could run!!

    On the second marathon I set out from the start to pace it as evenly as possible. The last five miles were a real battle to keep on pace as the previous marathon effort really caught up with me. I still feel the pain, but it was worth it!

    For massage - probably something fairly light the week after a marathon. I would avoid any deep tissue probing image

    Good luck

  • Awesome chaps, thanks for the replies!

    I haven't ran all week, but have been concentrating on stretching, icing my right posterior tibial tendon (was a bit tender) and I've been taking in lots of good food/ SiS Rego Recovery shakes and Rego Night shakes.

    Went on a 2 mile walk to loosen up this afternoon, and to be fair, I'm not feeling too bad at all.

    Not got any worries about finishing tomorrow at the Manchester marathon, but would like a sub 4 time - gonna be tough, but I'm up for it!

    It's a flatter course than London and it won't be nearly as hot, so it might not be too bad at all.

    I'm a bit annoyed that they have banned headphones at the Manchester marathon considering I could listen to music in London - with 7 times as many runners on the course.

    I never have music loud, but it does help at times.

    Hopefully they will overturn this rule next year!

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