New York Marathon 2013

Sorry to start a new thread - I couldn't find one about the New York marathon anywhere....

Has anyone signed up to do the New York marathon through the travel partners to get a guaranteed place?  Has anyone done it before - are they any good?




  • Hi Ding02

    I've heard good things about the travel partners but can't say anything else as never used them.

    I got an auto qualify for this year! image

  • I am in using Sports Tours International, oganised by Operation Florian, the charity I am running for. I have had a few conversations with them and it's been easy to sort.
  • How much?
  • I'm thinking about Sports Tours International even though I have a place via the ballot.  I've never been to NY before and am very anxious about getting to the start and I think they sort all this kind of stuff out for you.

  • Well - I decided to go ahead and try it, so i`ve booked a place with sports international.  I looked through all their terms and it looks fine.  So now i`m just excited about actually being there image image.  Sounds like a super early start though - buses to the start line at 6am!!!

  • Hi, I booked flight and entry with Sports Tours in 2010 as I didn't get a place in the ballot.  It was literally just flight and entry - but it all worked.

    Susan - I think if you have a place in the ballot that includes the bus to the start, from various pick-up points in (and possibly around) Manhattan.  If you are looking for accommodation as well as flights then it's probably worth checking the operators out; if its just a flight you need then you're probably just as well booking your own - cheaper and more flexibility around when you travel.



  • Hi spam, 

    Good to hear that you`ve used them before and all was OK.  

    Susan - agree with Spam - I think everyone who has a place gets free transport to the start.  The website says something about registering for that in June.  

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