Plusnet York Marathon October

Anybody else got a place for this, seems a flat course so fast. I'm just getting over the VLM last weekend and had a poor time due to a few factors so I'm thinking of doing the York one, I don't want to wait until the next VLM to put matters right.



  • Think the York marathon is sold out Mark.
  • I have a place, applied when it opened.

  • Oh right cool. Well done you getting a place. Read your report on VLM, you seemed to have had a horrific time so well done for getting through it and be proud of yourself, you're no quitter.
  • Thanks for those kind words, I think the word I use is stubborn. When the surgeon said no way could I do a marathon 10 months after a full double ACL knee reconstruction.


    I'd just like a good time, under 4 hours, I know I can train to that and an extra 20 pounds weight loss will make the difference.

  • Yes I'm in, ran VLM for the Jane Tomlinson appeal and they were fantastic, so I have very high hopes for York in October.

  • I'm on the waiting list - they're releasing more places on Friday at 9am (but you can only apply if you were already on the waiting list before midnight on the 22ns April).  IF I get in it will be my first marathon.......fingers crossed! image

  • Good luck.

  • Thanks for the worked!! GOt my place secured at 9:01am, all remaining places sold by 9:12am, phew!

  • I was clicking away at 9am and didnt get so lucky! POO image

  • Tiny Runner 85 wrote (see)

    Thanks for the worked!! GOt my place secured at 9:01am, all remaining places sold by 9:12am, phew!

    I wonder whether they had decided on the allocation already, as I was trying constantly using the email link from 09.00 and didn't get a place. My link took me to a page that said no items available. image

    Good luck anyway Tiny!

  • Genuinely gutted for the unlucky ones who didn't manage to get in.  I was online from 8am and logged into the secure thing straight away.  Although you couldn't actually book anything until 9am, it meant I was ready straight away to book with all my details already filled in. 

    Thanks for the wishes of good luck Clive. Hope you and Toyota_Crown can find a great alternative marathon.

  • Why does this one sell out so fast ? Is it a small field ? Chester has been open for months and not sold out yet.
  • It's sold out, I think, because all the people who do the Jane Tomlinson 5 and 10k walks and runs will have gotten numerous emails and thought they'd try a marathon. I'm thinking there will be lots of DNFs and DNSs. 

    It's not as flat as they're making out and it's very rural, so not a lot of support. I still hadn't decided whether to enter, thought I'd try last Friday for a place as many of my running club buddies are doing it and their website crashed. And crashed. And crashed. So I didn't get a place, although I got an email saying I have guaranteed entry for 2014. Well, that will be an extra place in 2014 because I'm going to do Chester this year and next, unless Liverpool is back on next year. The Yorkshire Marathen can kiss my bee-hind. 


    Although I am signed up to marshall. 

  • Cougie, field of 6,000 I think.  I expect if it does well they'll grow those numbers.

    I got a place with the Jane Tomlinson guys and can't wait to run for them. After a 4.17 London, I'm hoping for a 4 hr result!


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