Shin splints - before race


I known there’s is about a million shin spilt questions on here but her I go.

I am currently suffering with shin splits on my right leg lower down on the inside.

I have been icing them and resting I have been swimming and doing weight things that don’t hurt them.

The only problem is I have a race next weekend and I am desperate to get out and run. Plus I don’t want to lose fitness.

The shin splints seemed to go after I switched trainer to Merrell Bareaccess about a 6 weeks ago and I have been running fine on them. Hoverver I did a race to weeks ago (a 10k) and was fine after but went for a small run the day after.

Its been over  a week and I have not ran but I can still feel my shins when I walk. I am a bit bothered now as I have some runs coming up and I have a marathon in September so I want to up my mileage. I have been running for about 3 years and I have been racing for 1 year.






  • I forgot to say they feel loads better than last week but not 100%

  • I sympathise Joe,I have the same issue and I'm supposed to running a marathon on Sunday morning.Its touch and go at the moment....
  • This sunday that's bad, I have a week and the nice dry weather is whats borthering me. Seeing all those people going passed out side.

    Best of luck or Sunday!
  • I got posterior shin splints(inside leg) 3 weeks before the Brighton marathon, and ran it after taking 2 Ibruprofen. Physios advise was to do stretching exercises to strenghten arch, hamstrings, quads, and calfs. All on youtube if unsure. Also avoid tarmac, and find a trail for a few runs, as tarmac impact will worsen the condition. 2 weeks after completing marathon and shinsplints have gone. Hope this helps..!!

  • Pain on the inside of the shins when running/walking is normally caused by impact.  Its possible the change of trainer alter your gait slightly.  So slightly in fact its taken 5 weeks effect the muscles of the calf.  Non-impact exercise such as cycling or swimming will help to keep up CV fitness and work the calf muscles without the impact forces. That maybe enough to resolve the issue.

  • Deep tissue massage on your calves may help as calf tightness can be a contributing factor.

  • Thanks for the advice. The only thing I'm thinking of is when to start back again.

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