Turbo trainer

There's ice on the roads, so my bike is now attached to the turbo trainer . And having spent 130 squid on it, I've got to use it. So ...

I can cycle for one to three hours 150-160 bpm, or until I fall asleep with boredom.

Or I can go b****x out for 40 minutes at 165-185 and then have to crawl to the bathroom.

Or I could go on pretty much all day at 135-145 bpm

But TURBO TRAINERS ARE BORING!!!! Even going fast is quite tedious. I have the turbo trainer in front of the telly, I've even got a DVD player, but I've never been a great TV watcher, so don't find them particularly distracting.

How can I make a winter of turbo training more exciting?

Boys (and girls) your help is needed!!!!


  • Lizzy Lizzy Lizzy.

    3 hours on a Turbo is madness !

    I use the Pete Read training manual (look in cycling weekly for the ad).

    Sessions there are typically less than an hour. The longest one is probably about 40 minutes at your Level 2 heart rate - so that's pron that first session for you.

    The rest is different intervals. The sessions are only short, but boy are they tiring. They'll make a world of difference to you.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Thanks Coug!

    Never done the three hours actually (ooops,caught exaggerating again), that's just what I would do if I had the mental tenacity and whatsitness to stay on a turbo trainer for three hours ...

    I looked in Cycling Weekly (yup, we have it here on subscription so that we can salivate over the pictures of bikes...) and can't find the ad for the Pete Read training manual anywhere but maybe I'm just being dim...

    So, sounds like Mr Read recommends short and hard. Oooer missus ....
  • intervals and varying heart rate training intensity is the way to go with turbo's I agree totally with Cougster...
  • or get a mountain bike and go out in all weathers too!!!
  • Yeah - but that would be madness MMmmmm ! ;-)

    I'll try and dig out his address from a back issue. It's only a little ad.
  • Pete Read website is at


    you can always wheel the TV in and watch endless Tour De France Videos during your 3 hours on the turbo trainer
  • Google is ace !


    I prefer the blue book over the Annual Manual one.

  • Darn, pipped by 2 seconds.
  • I used a turbo trainer once. But after 37 seconds I had to go and kill the rest of the family.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Twinkler - you haven't seen our weather where I live!!!!!!!

    Lovely sheet ice today!

    I've got a mountain bike (quite a good one, so I'm told) but never ride it. The rather pathetic excuse is that after 40 minutes my wrists are agony. Keep meaning to get some of those 'sticky uppy' MTB handlebars but haven't quite got round to to it.

    Not helped by the fact that I am a confirmed road biker and find MTBs a bit, well, er, slow and bouncy ....

  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Oooh, thanks for the links, boys.
  • Lizzy...

    Take yer mtb off the road.. its where it belongs! and then point it downhill and slow and bouncy it ain't!! Hurty wrists sounds like bad positioning.. move yer saddle for and aft and experiment.. and maybe twist yer brakes 'down' a little too... The no' of peeps I see with brakes horizontal to their bars...!!

  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Twinkler - Just looked at my MTB.

    All I can say is 'ooops'....

  • Amazing how many shops send them out like that. DOh !

    Ideally you want straight wrists when riding Lizzy. Wrists bent at 90 degrees aren't v comfy.
  • aye,
    Cougster is right... (again) get the brake bars to follow the natural contours of yer arms as the go down to the bars so you have 'straight' hands to arms sort of thing...
  • I keep telling peeps this in my spinning class. And keep the elbows 'soft' - don't lock them out.

    Do they listen ? Naaaaaah !

    Good spot on the levers Mmm - from 100's of miles away as well !
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭

    Now, can he use his psychic powers to tell me the setup I have on my road bike...?

    BTW it´s different from the one in the piccy!
  • hum... more tough... but a wild stab I'd say shimano more than campag... 8sp or 9sp. Lets go with 9!

    I prefer my bull horns to racing drops..

    But it really is best to see these things and then 'fit' the bike to you...
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    (shiver) Toooooooo spooky!!!!!
  • Lotto numbers for tomorra MMmmm ??
  • Oh cougie...
    If ONLY it were that simple!!!!!
  • C'mon - 6 numbers - how hard can it be ????


    There's an all carbon bike in it for you if you can do it.


    All carbon !
  • drool...

    damn, you wanted me to concentrate and all!!!!

    (this'll never wuk.. but I want a percentage if it does...!!)

    7,22,11, 34, 36, and 5

    hee hee....!!!
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    A carbon seat sounds painful.

    i prefer squashy leather
  • but think of the lightness!!!

    And I think they do do one.. sort of a carbon weave...

    drool again...
  • Cool - now all I gotta do is remember to put the darn ticket on !

    Cheers !

    (Lizzy - me too - but MMmmm is a bit of a masochist as well as being a carbon fetishist !)
  • damn,
    how, after only meeting me twice, can you know me so well Cougster..?!!!!!
  • Just very perceptive.

    Oh, and the 24/7 stalking helps a bit.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Oooh - I've ordered the turbo training book. Or, rather I've sent Mr Read an email asking how much he charges to post it to Iceland.

    Wonder what else we can test MMmmm's psychic powers on...

    tum te tum

    OK, the colour of my handlebar tape is easy to guess, but what colour would I *like* it to be? And do I have the tape?

    Psst - Coug, if he gets this right, I'm going to buy a lottery ticket!!!!
  • turbos are one of the most wonderful pieces of training equipment there are. if you get bored then structure your sessions. its not enough to just sit on it and pedal. or do it with others, some cycling clubs have turbo sessions which are like spinning classes but not full of gym posers. if you still get bored doing long stuff then use it as mental training for long races because you could be out on your own for a long time. they are also hard work when used properly, which is why some people don't like them(although they won't admit it.) I used one for my first ironman training with a couple of 3 and four hour sessions and they made all the difference mentally as well as physically.
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