Right calf muscle keeps blowing up HELP

When ever i run recently my right calf blows up and stop me from running.i'm ok on the bike and when i swim it's just when i run can anyone give me some advice?


  • Get to a physio followed by a running shop to get your gait looked at and maybe new shoes. How long you had your other ones??

  • have you tried calf guards?


  • Kittenkat no shrapnel but a lot of pain.FlatFoo got new shoes about 2 months ago its only been giving me grief recently and i got calf guards?

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    massage, hot water bottle, stretching (when its not so sore), once you can walk on it without soreness gradually look to jog slowly for a few minutes stopping when it gets tight. Over a period of time you should be able to get further before the tightness starts. If it doesnt respond to any of this then you will have to go to a physion.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    standard calf strain approach, if its too sore to walk on, massage, stretch etc then dont even try to run on it, when you can walk on it ok then try a short jog, if it hurts stop. Nothing that I put should be encuraging someone to do themselves harm. If they have something like compartment syndrome then a physio will tell them, if the muscle is torn, it wont be ok to massage, walk on etc so they wont even get to the run stage.

  • Run as hard as you can it'll either go away or your leg will actually explode and you will never run again is my advice ( think i found it on Wiki)

    PS TRs approach sounds more realistic image
  • See someone found the stella again.

  • Red wine is the weapon of choice actually image

    I am sure its good for numbing the pain of exploding calf although i am not medically qualified to make this statementimage
  • Button , I think foo could have a point re shoes , given that you changed to newtons that will have changed your gait and foot strike . May be worth a gentle run in yer old pair once its settled down and see how it behaves ?
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    If an athlete changes to different shoes without proper fitting advice it would certainly be the first thing I would question.
  • Ahh Newtons as Slag said they encourage forefoot striking which if you are a heel striker puts a lot of strain through underused calf muscles i do speak from experience here as i have made the transistion over the last 8 months to minimalist shoes (vivobarefoots) that make you run on the forefoot the first few months i had to be very careful lots of calf pain and sore rock solid calfs if i overdid it pleased to say i am through it now running really well injury free and up to 2 1/2 hours on s long run with no problems

    It (may) be the source of your problem
  • I hate to say it but total rest may be the solution.

    I strained a calf in October and it was March before I was completely pain free.  Didn't run until Deecmber and built slowly.  Mind I found the bike worse than running for hurting it.

  • Just to put my piece in as I have had issues with my right calf after it blew up on my 3 years ago. I know have it under control, but am always carefull.

    My advise is listen to none of us on here unless we have said go to a physio as only he or she will be able to actually feel around and look at the way you stand etc. It ill probably not even be contected to your calf, but they will be able to explain this. Once they tell you what to do your on the road to recovery.

    I still wear a calf support on my bike but not when I run, unless im on one of my high mileage training sessions.

    I hope this helps and I also hope no one take offence to me saying dont listen to them.image


  • Thanks everyone for their feedback and advice taken all the information on board i am going to go back to my old trainers for a bit and see if they give me any pain once again thank you all.

  • Same problem for me. I am a heel striker and recently tried changing to mid-foot. Big mistake! My right calf is so painful after the first ten minutes into the run that I have to stop and hobble back home. I am giving it plenty of rest (from running at least) and am concentrating on cycling. This seems to be okay and I can only feel it if I really push it on the bike. I will see how it goes but hopefully will be able to start running again in a week or so. For what it's worth I have changed my shoes now to a new set as the old ones were now really getting ratty and maybe that will help a bit too. It's probably a bad idea to change both my running style AND my shoes at the same time so maybe I'll revert to heel-striking againimage 

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