Hanworth Half-Marathon

 Hello, I have a few questions about the Hanworth Half-Marathon,,,,I am not familiar w/ the area & was wondering how far this race is from Oundle,,what time does the race start,,are medals given to all participants,,how far is this race from London Heathrow. Thank You!


  • How do I enter this race as can't get a link 

  • Hi, I live near it and run it last year. It is in North Norfolk, near Cromer so about 2h30m from Heathrow, but you can check this on google map... if you cannot find a postcode put NR11 and you would be very close to it. Last year it was on very quite roads with beautiful countryside. The race is organised by the village so low profile, but still lovely. Downside is that it is over 3 laps... however, it led to a PB for me as I managed to time myself well. I cannot remember about the medal. There are throphies for lots of categories and some really  quick ones. I do not know how far it is from Oundle. I joined on the day. The start is at the local village hall. I am sure there is a number you can contact if you would like more information. The North Norfolk Beach Runners (local club) help with timing, etc but it is not one of their races. You could make a weekend of it as the area is beautiful at this time of year... and if you were around on the saturday morning you could take part in the local parkrun (Sheringham Parkrun on Saturday morning at 9 am)... which is beautiful.

  • I spoke to Tony (person to contact re. info., no. listed on above Runners World race particulars) and he advised me to register at Hanworth Village Hall from 9.30 am. Sounds just the sort of long run I need after a few shorter races. 3 laps sounds good as apparently the scenery is wonderful so we can look at it 3 times!

  • Hi Carmine, It's Ant who was on placement at Aylsham High.  I'll be running on Sunday - maybe see you there!

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