Wetsuit tight?

Hi guys I popped into tri uk last week and got fitted for a wetsuit which I brought. In the shop it felt great and tried it out in their pool. I have gone for 2 open water swims and the suit feels tight around the chest and neck area and feels like its pulling my neck down. Would this be down to the wrong wetsuit being sold or me not putting it on properly? Would they swap for bigger size or will I have to buy a new one Any help would be great


  • Have you pulled it all the way up into your crotch ? If it fitted in their shop and pool I think youve just not pulled it all the way up when you've done it yourself ?
  • If you can still breath then its not to tight


  • If it felt fine in the shop and in the pool, I think you've just not pulled it up enough.

    It's hard work, but pull the legs up as much as you can, then keep pulling!

    Only then pull the body up.  Don't try and pull the legs up by pulling the body, it won't work, and the body will be pulled down by the legs.


  • Ok sounds as if its my fault. Going up again on weekend so will take my time and make sure the legs are pulled up

  • Make sure you pull the arms right up into the shoulders/armpits as well.

  • One thing I learned to my cost last year was to pull from the inside - on my wetsuit the inside seems to be more resistant to tearing.

    I have to spend ages pulling mine up, from the knees upwards, before it'll fit properly - even the arms I have to pull on really carefully, all the way around to get the shoulders to fit.

  • Lots of leg pulling going on here

  • I am looking at a speedo tri wetsuit, its on special offer at Decathlon for £100, does anyone have one ? are they any good, it will be my first

  • Tip - when you get into the water, pull the neck of the suit out a bit so you let some water in. Not joking. The suit's meant to keep you warm, not necessarily dry. You will get wet anyway.

  • JP - See separate thread. I think they are very thin warm water suits. So maybe fine if you will only swim once in open water in August!

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