National Lottery Olympic Anniversary Run



  • I'll be running in the blue t-shirt think everyone should be made to personally. Its part of the spectacle. 

    I'm hoping I can swap my medium to a small on the day though, the sizing is on the large side!! Must be loads of skinny runner types that the t-shirt doesn't fit, and although I could understand them wearing other top that does a fit I think you should try and make it a blue one at the very least.

  • Looking for an extra spectator pass.

    If anyone has one avaliable please contact me! Willing to pay for it. 

  • Looking for a pass also. Pink if possible.

  • SlowkoalaSlowkoala ✭✭✭

    Andyruns, I would love to wear their official T Shirt as agree it would look great to see all runners in the same kit. However whilst the sizing might be OK for most blokes, I'm a skinny size 6 female and the 'small' they have sent me is about 4 times larger than my usual vest! No option to swap as small is the smallest they do. And after paying almost 30 quid for the entry (including a t shirt I will never be able to wear), I'm not going to fork out any more for another blue vest! Sorry!


  • Lairer, do you still have your entry?

  • 22johnny22 wrote (see)

    I will not be wearing the shirt, I am raising money for BHF so will be in red!

    ran 5 miles today and it nearly killed me so hope it cools down a little next week!


    Johnny - if the weather stays like this it looks like the "slow-mo" steve audtin finish may be our only option image

  • On the t-shirt front - I have a large that looks like an oversized night shirt!

    I think I'll stick to my footy shirt that does every other race with me.

  • andyp, I assume that would be a Reading FC kit, if so that will make two of us on Sunday image Urz!

  • Excellent - too right RP, complete with no 13 on the back...



  • If it cools down a bit I'll run in the shirt, but seeing as I'm currently overheating running in a vest, there's no chance of me wearing it if it stays this warm!

  • Anyone know of any nearby value accomodation - travel plans have change so I need to stay Sat night - any local knowledge folks!? image

  • Theres plenty of Travel Lodge / Premier inns close by, at East India dock, Canning town, Beckton and Barking all are close and within easy reach of Stratford.


  • Incase you guys haven't seen on Facebook:

    Hi everyone! We have heard of your concerns regarding the hot weather and hydration. We have news regarding liquids that can be taken into the Olympic Park:
    The 100ml liquid limit will not apply to water and baby bottles as long as they are not glass. Take care and stay hydrated image

    Good news, will be taking extra to tip over my hair before the start image

  • Thanks Charley, I had not seen.


  • Hi

    My comments.

    I can't run, I am injured. However, I have decided to walk it. Coming last will be a new experience for me!

    We have a couple of passes to spare. Contact me if you are interested.

    My medium T is FAR, FAR, FAR to large for me, so much so, that I would imagine a small one will be too large too.

    The forcast for Sunday at this moment in time is for a very hot day. The blue tops are far too thick and heavy for our currant weather conditions.
  • Still looking for a spare female number, will pay full cost etc. Please please please if you are pulling out because of injury or other commitments can I have your place!!!


    Many thanks

  • I am going to wear my t-shirt as a running dress image

  • Paula Radcliffe is running on Sunday!

    So excited as she's my all time running hero and with the injuries / semi (full?) retirement, I never thought I'd get to run in the same race as her.

    Was sort of looking forward to it before, but can't wait now.

  • Stephen RStephen R ✭✭✭


    CharleyM2385 wrote (see)

    "If it cools down a bit I'll run in the shirt, but seeing as I'm currently overheating running in a vest, there's no chance of me wearing it if it stays this warm!"


    The garment we've been sent is in fact a technical T-shirt, so it ought to be nice and cool.  I remember the red one we had to wear last year.  It was a chilly day and we were all freezing!


  • It may be a techincal shirt but I can say probably not the highest quality...given we'ew not in a nike organised run scenario where the number is printed on the t-shirt I assume my blue vest will be the tech shirts I've worn for other events do end up causing more sweat that controlling it image

  • Also is the parking still an option in the Westfields car park...I'm only a 20 min drive away or 50 min bus..guess which option I favour...image

  • Hi,

    Does anyone have a spare male runners place for the 5k this weekend?  I'll happily reimburse the fee and/or make a charity donation.  

    I was unsuccessful in the ballot and really keen to do this with my friends.



  • elaine S 2

    I have received your message in the RW communcations box, howvever, for reasons only known to RW i cannot reply!!! I think maybe you dont receive private messages My email address is

    I would be happy to help
  • So looking forward to this sunday!  Running the 5mile, then the family run with my 12 year old daughter.  Staying at Dagenham Premier Inn (which was very reasonably priced).  Hoping to park on the Sunday at Westfield, does anybody know if this is viable?

    Also have a couple of spare spectator wristbands, if anyone requires them then please PM me. 

  • I've also been looking at options for getting there Sunday and was wondering if Westfield is an option. I can't see why not. £8 all day which isn't too bad and same distance as walking from train / tube station.

  • Although the shopping centre doesn't open until 11am the casino is open 24 hours, so I'm assuming at least one of the car parks will have to be open.

    That's what I am hoping for anyway image

  • Just received an email back from Westfield saying that car park B is open 24 hours.  The website suggests its £5 for all day parking, but we shall see.

    My daughter is going to be so excited, Little Mix and the opera guys from Britains Got Talent are performing in the stadium.  May take my own music though!!

  • Thanks Christian - that's useful to know which car park image

  • Right, no one at my running group wanted them, so I'll offer them here - I've got two spectator passes for the white zone that I'm not using.

    EDIT - And they're gone already!

  • I've two spectator passes for the white zone if people still require them

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