National Lottery Olympic Anniversary Run



  • If anyone is pulling out i will gladly take there number and reimburse the fee.

  • I have a spare ladies running number if anyone wants it.  it's in the pink zone.



  • I'm no longer able to attend this, so looking to get rid of my entry.

    It's a red starting number, size M tshirt, and two spectator passes. £28.

    I have the race pack with me today. Would be ideal if someone could meet me today in the City (near Lombard street) or tomorrow morning in Blackheath/Greenwich.

  • Why am I getting nervous?! It is not as if I planning to win the damn thing!


  • chrisg9chrisg9 ✭✭✭

    travelling from Kent, not sure if to get a train for £45 return for my family or attempt to drive it, I wonder how busy the traffic will be around the stadium on the day

  • Chrisg9

    Why not drive to somewhere like Tooting and leave the car near one of the undergrounds there, on a Sunday there will be free planking on the street. Then take the tube in from there.
  • Has anyone got a race number up for grabs? I can meet near to the location tomorrow - ladies, medium shirt if poss thanks

  • Sarabop I do...if you want to pm me x

    or email me on


  • Have mailed you always trying - thanks! Hopefully you aren't too far away image

  • I have two spectator passes for the white zone if anyone wants them. Can arrange to meet outside to hand hem over tomorrow morning

  • Has anyone got a race number up for grabs? I can meet near to the location tomorrow - ladies, medium shirt if poss thanks

  • I have a race number for the 5 mile run, it's a red start with two spectator passes (red zone) which I'd happily pass onto someone. All I ask for is a charity donation of the entry fee (at least please!) to Brathay Trust. If you private message me, I'll provide details and arrange meeting to handover the race number/pack/passes. I'm in Kent.

  • Eaglescliffe! Can I have the white spectator passes? How can I give you my details so we can chat and arrange? 

  • What an experience that was!

    My first visit to the Olympic Stadium and it's an excellent venue.  I really enjoyed the finish on the track, and I liked the touch with the recordings in the tunnel leading to the stadium with Chariots of Fire playing etc.

    The course itself was ok, mildly undulating, and at least they contained it within the park rather than needing to close roads outside the park.

    Parking could've been a nightmare as Westfield parking was completely closed, with no helpful advice offered other than "find your own way" by the car park marshall.  Luckily we found street parking about 15 mins away.

    The run was good though and I'm very pleased to have been able to take part image

  • I too, thought it a good experience and the finish in the stadium was very good.

    Only gripe is that in places the route was too narrow, but that is really picking holes.

    One observation was that, anyone could have turned up and ran and anyone could have entered the stadium.


  • Agree with the above - parking a nightmare (rung Westfield the day before to be told that car park B was 24 hours) turned up, nothing open.

    Enjoyed the run except the first mile, which ended up taking 11 minutes (I'm not quick, but much closer to a 9 minute miler then 11) due to narrow bottlenecks - simply too small for the amount of people in the run - managed under 50 minutes which is what I was aiming for, but could have taken another couple of minutes off with a clearer run.

    Got goosebumps entering the stadium to the roar of the crowd - was a fantastic experience overall!




  • Agree parking was a nightmare, and no helpful signage, also thought the security was crap, all the rubbish about tags for seating any one could have just strolled up and run got a good bag or just amble into the stadium,

    coarse was ok considering its a building site in many parts there were no bottle necks in my part of Red wave,

    great to see the stadium and to finish on the track, but i didnt like the tunnel part of the finnish, still amazing to have done it and cannot wait now to see the Hammers there in a couple of years time.


  • First mile was a bit of a joke. Literally walking pace at certain parts (I was red wave).

    Got round in 33, but it would have been quicker but for that first mile. Still we had a great time, and running on the track was a brilliant way to finish. I did find the tunnel section a bit disorientating - made timing any kick difficult as it was hard to know exactly when we'd emerge into the stadium.

    The photos are starting to appear on Marathon Photos, although it appears they're not free as I believe they were last year.





  • I agree thmb2000 - 1st mile in red wave was so slow, I had to walk as well!  Also surprise at the amount of people who had put themselves in red wave who were really struggling and walking about 2 miles in!  Why do people do that?

    The photos where free last year.

    That all said though, it was a wonderful experience to be able to run in front of such a huge crowd on the Olympic Stadium track.  The part of the course where you 1st get onto the track and the full roar of the crowd will never be forgotten by me - Spine tingling!

  • Awesome experience.

    I passed by the stadium on Saturday and seen the signs about parking not being available - sorry, should have put it on here. Meant getting train in instead which was fine.

    As for the race. I met my all time running hero Paula Radcliffe before the start and had a photo with her so was on cloud 9 before even starting! I started probably two thirds back in red wave and agree the first mile was a nightmare and a couple of times we pretty much stopped due to bottlenecks at narrow turns. There was also a gravelly section where runners in front were kicking up a bit of dust which got me coughing, but I am being picky now. The rest of the course was good. Loved the Chariots of Fire music / commentary through the tunnel and then the big finish in the stadium.

    Got PB (37:14) by just over a minute despite the hold up in mile one and probably not going 'all out' in the stadium as I wanted to take in the atmosphere even if it was only for a couple of seconds. All my photos are of me on the finish line so I must have been hiding for the rest of it.

  • Hold up in mile 1 (red wave) meant I took it as part fun run part sprint at the end...

    Gutted as was informed it was a fast flat course...probably was except for the narrow route and 5,000 other folk in my wave!

    ending was great but rest of course felt like tour of construction site...again with exception of velodrome...ditto issue with parking...

  • Has anyone purchased the video footage of themselves?

    I would welcome opinions as to whether it is worth it?

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