Tour of Merseyside 2013

This is certainly the biggest running challenge on Merseyside. Six races over seven days and 52 miles. How does this compare with a marathon?



  • Dunno.. Theres no link explaining when and where


  • Dave - I thought the suggestion of six races over seven days and a 52 mile distance was enough description? Just wondered what anyone thought about that kind of running challenge.

    There seems to be a number of 'ultimate challenge' events out there that test people in a variety of ways, potential drowing, fire, electrocution, hypothermia and so on.

    This is just old fashioned running - but a lot of it.

  • The Tour of Merseyside is coming

    The full Tour programme is as follows. Please note that discussion on the structure of the courses is ongoing so some may be liable to change. Any changes will be posted as soon as confirmed.

    Race 1

    Southport Half Marathon

    Sunday 7th July Start time 8.30am

    The Tour kicks off at the Southport Half Marathon. The Tour is joining forces with this new event staged by Vital events and is using their race to get things off to a fast start. Tour runners will simply be using the Southport Half Marathon as a starting point and other runners will be involved who are running the half marathon independently of the Tour. 13 miles done.

    Race 2

    Thurstaston Multi Terrain

    Monday 8th July Start time 7.00pm

    The Tour moves across to Wirral with a six mile challenge over track, beach, hill and dale! If anyone has taken part in the original Thurstaston race then you will know what this one is all about. The race starts on the caravan site roadway at the bottom of Station Road and finish on the common overlooking the Dee Estuary ??? a great location to recover! That???s 19 miles completed.

    Race 3

    Walton Hall Park / Trail Run

    Tuesday 9th July Start time 6.30pm

    The original plan for a 10 mile beach run at Southport for Race 3 has been dropped and replaced by a park and trail run from Walton Hall Park. The race will comprise a 2 mile lap of the park followed by a 6 mile section on the Cheshire Lines trail path and a second 2 mile lap of the park to finish.

    This is an extremely flat course so fast times are likely tonight.

    Keep the pace steady as you???re half way through the week and 29 miles in the bank.

    Wednesday 10th July - No race

    Race 4

    Halton 5 miler

    Thursday 11th July Start time 7.00pm

    It???s a welcome return to the road with a flat and fast road course around the village of Hale. Race H.Q. will be the Wellington Pub so there will a great opportunity to relax at the finish. 34 miles chalked up.

    Race 5

    Knowsley Cross Country

    Friday 12th July Start time 7.00pm

    Now is the time to dig in as the pressure builds over a six mile cross country course at Stadt Moers Park. Another great venue for spectators who can get close up to the action over a two lap course. 40 miles! How are your legs??

    Race 6

    Wirral Coastal Run

    Saturday 13th July Start time 10.00am

    Well here we are. The final 12 miles over flat terrain along the north Wirral coast line. Starting in New Brighton the race starts at the end of King???s Parade and heads toward Hoylake before turning round to head for home for the final time. This 12 mile stretch will give you the full 52 miles over the week.

    As you head toward the finish line how are you feeling? Elated...?

    Further details regarding the course will be posted as and when confirmed.

    It does look a great challenge - but I struggle to get out of work in time for evening races.
  • James B 73 wrote (see)
    RZR - if scream lets me give you one of my gems. I ran three half marathons over 2 hours. Found the ultimate training schedules this site and knocked 26 mins off time. You may of course already have a schedule.

    However, a schedule may suggest you do a half marathon so you would be able to assess progress.


    AlanRothwell wrote (see)

    Dave - I thought the suggestion of six races over seven days and a 52 mile distance was enough description? Just wondered what anyone thought about that kind of running challenge.

    There seems to be a number of 'ultimate challenge' events out there that test people in a variety of ways, potential drowing, fire, electrocution, hypothermia and so on.

    This is just old fashioned running - but a lot of it.

    Fraid I just do old fashioned running as well....


    Just thought a link would have been useful.....

  • It does look a good and varied series of events.  Unfortunately though, I have the re-scheduled Cheshire Cat sportive on 7th July, so I can't make it (also, like Cougie, I'd struggle to make the mid-week events).  Otherwise I would definitely be entering, as it's quite up my street.

    I'm sure it'll be a sell out if there's only 300 places.


    The 8:30 start at Southport looks a killer for those of us using public transport.

  • Oops sorry about the strange cut and paste.

    I'm still thinking about the Tour de Stavely on July 6 th
  • Sounds really appealing to me.

  • Anyone else entered?

  • Good mix of club runners in this one, oldest competitor is 63 and youngets 19.

    Guest entries for individual events available if you can't make all six.

    Furthest coming from Dundee.

  • Smacks of the old Tour of Tameside set up by Ron Hill. That was the equivalent of 2 full marathons over 6 races with one days rest. I worked in Hyde at the time and there was a 'Hyde holiday week' when a number of businesses shut down (mine included) for that week.

    The race was organised for that week so getting to mid week evening events was no problem and I could rest up during the day. Only did it once but there was great camaderie amongst the entrants.

    Not fit enough to have a go at this one, but if it's on next year I just might give it a go.

  • Thanks to Alan and his team as my wife wanted to do this (and will be entering next year if it's on) and signed up thinking it was for 2014 ...but didn't realise that she had signed up for this year image..she's only 6 months pregnant..a full refund was given image

  • Russell - it is based on the Tour Of Tameside. I did it three times back in the eighties so I know how hard it is going to be for those taking part in a week or so. I hope the course provide a good mix of interest and challenge.

    Warkie - hope all goes well with the family addition and yes the Tour Of Merseyside will be back next year between the 6th and 12th July.

  • Well there's now 100 brave and hardy souls waiting nervously to take on the challenge of the 1st Tour Of Merseyside. (Anyone wanting to take part as a Guest Entrant can do so on each race evening).

    Really looking forward to this one. The intimacy of the field, day to day competition and the relentless pursuit of each mile is brilliant.

  • Cant wait until the first race. My head says go slow and save the legs for the rest of the week. My heart says go for a pb and man up.

  • A few nervous comments on Facebook about the forthcoming Tour Of Merseyside. It's looking good for a great start at Southport on Sunday and then a challenging week ahead.

  • 1st race done, southport half marathon in gorgeous weather. Anyone else on here doing the tour. 

  • 2nd leg tonight. Two fallers so far. One didn't attend yesterday and another finished with an injury so unlikely to attend the Multi Terrain tonight.

    Looking forward to another good night of running.

  • 2nd leg just starting to promote the very challenging aspect of what the Tour Of Merseyside is all about. Great atmosphere, a lot of competition amogst the runners but also a mutal respect for the efforts of everyone taking part.

    Well done everyone, see you tonight for the next 10 mile instalmentimage

  • A lot of interest for 2014 already from those who didn't enter this year. The Facebook effect is working just half way through the series. All the comments are very positive despite the challenge of 52 miles in a week.

  • 3 races done after 10m tonight.  3 to go, after a nice rest day tomorrow image

  • Well done to all of the Runners,especially in this Weather.image

    Alan are you posting up the times etc... want to see what I have to achieve image

    May have a go next year image

  • The link for individual and cumulative times are on on the Tour section. Another great night last night. 29 miles in the bank.

    The most impressive aspect for me is the sense of shared respect, help and support between all the runners.

    I'm not surprised but I think some of the runners are - much to their delight.

    A great bunch. On to Thursdayimage

  • Legs are happy to have the days rest. It is proving to be great fun and anyone who thought of doing the tour but didn't is missing a treat. Great weather and smooth organization helps! Get out there and fill up some of the guest spots to see what you are missing. See you for a fast 5 at Hale, or the way my legs are going survival!image

  • I thought i'd only manage a 10min/mile plod last night With having stiff legs. But when everyone cleared off at 8min/mile I decided to follow and, suprising myself, hung on image


    wl definitely be doing this race again. 

  • I was curious as to what position I would have been if I'd have ran slightly slower or faster on the first 3 races so I've made a little table To check and anyone else can compare their pace.  77 starters, 73 left after day3   Ave pace.   Position after day3 min/mile 6                2nd 6.5             6th 7               12th 7.5            21st 8               30th 8.5           42nd 9              53rd 9.5            60th 10             63rd     Looking at these results show there is a good spread of abilities. 
  • well that didn't turn out very clear!

    Ave pace min/ mile and position after day3



    7- 12th

    7.5- 21st

    8- 30th

    9- 53rd

    9.5- 60th

    10- 63rd

        Looking at these results show there is a good spread of abilities. 
  • Results are on click on Tour Of Merseyside or via (Tour section)

    Leg 4 on the old Hale 5 course tonight.

  • Four stages down, two to go. Great listening to the post race conversations. This event is everything I hoped it would be. I salute everyone taking part.

    Now you know the meaning and feeling of pain.

    See you all at the finish line tomorrow although I think the post race conversation after tonight's cross country will be even more interestingimage

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