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  • Yeah, I would rather not starve myself. Cut out the meat, dairy products and reduce  the fat in your diet. Eat tons of fruit, vegetables and starches. I eat about  3000+ calories a day and I have lost 1 stone in the past 4 months running 15-20 miles per week. 

  • You're vegan. If you want to cut out meat, so be it, but you shouldn't be suggesting to other people that this is necessarily good dietary advice for everyone. We're naturally carnivores. Meat is a great sources of protein for which we are naturally adapted.

    Equally, some fruits are full of sugar, and will tend to fatten people whose bodies turn carbs into fat. Eating "tons" of fruit and veg isn't necessarily good advice for everyone.

    I think individuals need to do their own reading and careful research about nutrition as best they can (e.g. getting books from the public library), and find their own way through the minefield of information and misinformation about what foods are appropriate and what foods aren't, and then decide for themselves what foods are correct for them and which aren't.

  • Name other animals who live on meat who cook their meat? They live of raw flesh if we were truly carnivores wouldn't we do this as well? 

    A couple of differences between humans and carnivores:

    Carnivores have rasping (rough) tongues, we have smooth tongues 

    Carnivores have claw for ripping flesh we have weak fingernails

    Carnviores have children in litters humans generally have them one at a time

    Carnivores intestinal tracts are 3 times the length of their torsos our intestinal tracts are roughly 12 times of the length of our torsos this enables to slowly absorb sugar. 

    I believe that people shouldn't be suggesting that people eat 'low carb' and starve themselves and eat unlimited fat. If you want to avoid heart disease, diabetes, lessen the chance of getting cancer cut out read meat. This is advice provided by cancer charities and the NHS.

    Yes people should do their own reading. I suggest 80/10/10, Eat and Run by VEGAN Ultra Marathon champion Scott Jurek. 

    Finally this thread concerns weight loss. It is for people to give their personal experiences and points of view. It is fact that vegans are 10/20 pounds lighter than meat eaters on average. This is a good article to check out.

    You can tell people to eat meat if you want. Like many people on this thread will do that is your choice. I agree people should read and make their own choices as well, I am just telling you my experience and the facts.


  • I think the pair of you are making rather sweeping statements to make your point of view the correct one. Chill out and just accept we are all different some of us love eating meat others don't. Some love asics shoes some love saucony... We are all different, just chill Out.

  • You didn't give your point of view, Damien. You said "Cut out the meat, dairy products and reduce the fat in your diet. Eat tons of fruit, vegetables and starches." That reads as nutritional advice to others.

  • I think I'm the only person in the world who took up running and didn't lose anything! Whatever fat I've lost I've gained in muscle so I'm no different.

    Bit disappointed if I'm honest because I hoped running (as well as giving me major personal pleasure and sense of achievement) would help me shift the 20lbs I need to lose.

    Reading the earlier comments, I find the only way weight seems to shift is to cut carbs and fruit, and stay high meat and veg. Even then it's not massive, it might be 1lb a week. And for that pound I sacrifice an awful lot, and gym x4 a week plus a few runs thrown in. Depressing!

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Read the earlier posts Clare.  Running won't necessarily make you lose weight, it's from your diet.  1lb a week is a sensible amount to lose.

  • Clare do you keep a food diary, maybe without realising it the foods you are eating are just adding up, and you calorie intake is just to high, but as you say 1lb a week loss consistently is fine 

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