THIN COMP SPEEDO wetsuit £99 at Decathlon

I am looking at a speedo tri wetsuit, its at Decathlon for £99, does anyone have one ? are they any good, it will be my first


  • I'm reading that as 2mm thickness all over ? Might be a little cold for UK swims ? You can have a maximum thickness of 5mm I think so this one might be cooler and not as buoyant as others ?

    What tri are you doing ?
  • i need 5mm in the important places as I am a crap swimmer and need the buoyancy.......

     might be good for a decent swimmer with good positioning

  • That's me out too then. I could do with those polystyrene floats you tie to the backs of toddlers.
  • "Second skin for water temperatures between 18°C and 22°C."

    that's most of the UK water out of the window then until much later in the season!!

    it's a warm water suit - forget it and go for a standard tri wettie with 4/5mm neoprene for colder UK climes

  • Thanks guys, I'm doing Birmingham in July and training for my 1st IM next year so this will be my first open water tri

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