National Lottery Anniversary Run

Anyone else got a ticket? I am a bit excited even more than VLM which I ran on Sunday. Must be the thought of only 5 miles and not 26 !


  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭

    After six hours of trying eventually got a place.  I didn't get through the ballot for this one last year so am thrilled to have got through today even though it was one of the most frustrating experiences ever.  Well done!

  • I think I have a place - I managed to register and pay but haven't had a confirmation email from them. Has this happened to anyone else?



  • Lisa,

    you're not alone in not having confirmation.  Have a read through this thread, it's got a number of contact addresses for the organisers.

  • If anyone has a spare spectator ticket please could you please message me. I'm running but need 3 passes so the family can come watch.


  • Hello. I have  2 spectator passes to the 'Red Zone' area which I do not need. I would like to give them away for a donation to my parish church, St Martin's Roath, Cardiff. Please send me a private message if interested. 

  • NEEDED: spectator passes!


    If you have any spare please message me!



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