York marathon

I hope some runners got into this one this morning.....I tried right from 9.00am, but no good..image 

Sold out by 9:12 I think.

If anyone has a space later on, please let me know. Many thanks.


  • That seems a bit odd to sell out in 12 minutes. Try again, maybe the system crashed or something.
  • The entry page definitely says its sold out! How many places were they selling if they managed to sell out in 12 minutes?? Are you sure it opened today?

  • Ahhh a few more places available today. Yes they all went in 12 minutes.
  • Apologies - he's right (almost - additional places went on sale today).

    From their website:

    "The 2013 Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon is now entirely sold out.

    All additional places in the inaugural event - whose capacity was increased to 6,100 due to popular demand - sold out in just two minutes this morning [Friday 26th April]."

  • X post there SR!

    This running malarkey's getting dam popular! I might return to being a heavy drinking smoker just to be different!

  • They only had another 650 places. You should have got an email to say you will be guaranteed a place for 2014 which is very kind of them. I will certainly take them up on the offer.

    I tried aswell today for York but had no luck so I entered Chester marathon on the 6th Oct instead still plenty of places as far as I know.



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