The "I need a pee" running experience

Despite going for a piss just before the start of last weeks Windsor 1/2, after about 20 mins (3 miles) I was gagging for a pee. This feeling stayed with me the whole race.
When I got home I remembered that I had been desparate for a pee 2 hours earlier and went to the loo.

Why had I been desparate for a pee during the race & why had the feeling dissapered after the race?

I know that Natty Noodle also had the same "I need piss" running experience at Windsor. Is it common?


  • I think this is a man despite being able to pee for england, when I run I never need to go, perhaps Im dehydrated?
  • It's not a bloke thing . . . I don't usually get it when I'm running tho., only when I've just put my wetsuit on or about ten layers of cold-weather motorcycle gear. Your body conspires against you! Running-wise, perhaps it's something to do with the bladder being bounced around?
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    Pizza man, I had the same problem on Sunday and I think I know why it happened as it's the first time it has happened this year.

    Normally I drink lots of water in the days and hours leading up to a race but don't drink anything in the final 2 1/2 hours. Due to the conditions on Sunday I drank about 500ml of water during the hour leading up to the start. I wasn't too worried because I was able to relieve myself about 10 minutes before the start.

    So my advice is to drink lots up to about 2 1/2 hours before the start. This gives enough time for any surplus to make its way through the system.
  • Yes, as PM as said I was myself affected by this at Windsor too, forgot that I needed to go as soon as I had finished and wasnt until we were all standing there chatting some time later on that I remembered that I wanted to go. Hope it doesnt happen again in this weekends Half!
  • I drink nothing for 1 hour before a race,
    last minute as poss pee, then however much I drink while running, I never need to go, I was fine for 2.5 hours it took me to run bristol, was litterally crossed legged for a few momnets after the finish, this passed,then I realised about 7pm that evening that I hadn't been at all since finishing!!

    Curiously, I ate non-stop from finishing the run for all waking hours for next three days, but didn't go to the loo other than to pee for 4 days!! - whatever did happen to all that fibre??
  • So where does it go?

    One minute gagging for a pee the race finnishes & you don't want to go for hours or as the Happyslug says, days.

    Maybe Mim is right
  • I suffered at Windsor with this, but in yesterdays half I was fine, and I drank up till within 40 mins of the start, didnt need to go until over an hour after finishing, confusing!
  • In NY 2000 I was one of the unlucky few whose bus did not turn up to take us from hotel to Staten Island...after an absolutely scary run on an open topped chartered tour bus we arrived at the WRONG side of the Verazzano Narrows bridge, the cop said " no way, you aint racin'" that was race. Luckily a limo with Mayor Gulliani and others came along and got us over. The link to this thread is that the night before I had taken gentle laxatives timed to work in the 3 hours we would be waiting at the start....we only had 1/2 chance of using the porta loos, was not much fun but the only real problem was getting my first ever stitch in Harlem in the last few miles...after grabbing a bagel at the end of 1st ave...just too much in there....perfectly happy with 3h 10 but without the stitch 5 min walk could have been better
  • I think I have taken up the wrong sport!
    I must have the smallest bladder for someone my size and I have a 'thing' about going for a pee in public! I've only run two races - on the 10k I really wanted to go and squat in the grass - is this normal girls? What do you do? I ended up carrying the weight of my pee around with me!
  • In my experience, the girls will do exactly as the boys in races I've been in - find a discrete area (tree/bush-lined fields usually a favourite) and head off to relieve as required.

    If you want to continue to drink in the run-up to a race, stop taking on water and drink a sugary drink (sports drink a favourite) - the body will retain the liquid taken in excellently, leaving no desire to pee. There are articles on the way the body will hold onto water better if it's in the form of a sports drink, but can't remember where. My only advice is to try it in either a shorter or less important race...
  • I have become an expert at finding places to stop and pee, even when there are no bushes! Not only that, but I'm getting as good as Formula 1 pitstops...real quick at getting shreds down, pee and shreds up again, usually setting off running again while arranging clothing. Not 'mooned' at anyone yet (I think!)
  • Hi there,

    me too. I became increasing worried that htere was something with me so asked a friend who spoke to a urologist. It seems that this is quite common for long distant runners, you get an irritated urethra which causes inflammation and the desire to pee. Or it could be a bloke thing enlarged prostate and all that!!
  • No caffeine for 3 hours before run, before long run only clear liquids but the lads all seem to just pee anywhere so if youre desperate go for it
  • If you gotta go then you gotta go! Seriously though, the action of running causes the internal organs to be jogged around quite a lot, many women need to go fairly soon after setting out, this is due to pressure on the bladder. If you're doing a short race, be sure to warm up properly, and visit the loo before the start. On long runs - do like the others said and find a convenient place to go.
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