Post Marathon Blues

Hi all,

After 4 months of training its all over and I must admit that now the post race high has past I am feeling a little 'empty'. VLM was my first ever race (let alone marathon) and it has occupied my thoughts for the last 4 months whether that be planning my next run, reading my training book, looking at my stats on endomondo or just reading about other people's experiences.

I really enjoyed the training and the race itself and I would really like to continue with the running.

I picked up atouch of ITBS in the last 3 weeks of training so first priority post marathon is to look after that and get it sorted.

Its a shame about the injury because i would have liked to get out running as soon as I have got over the marathon but hey ho. question is how have other peole dealt with the post marathon blues? Joined a running club so keep the momentum going? Immediately signed up for another event?

I do have one eye on Edinburgh next year with a target of braking 4hrs - guess i may have been bitten by the bug!!!



  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    I dealt with it by firstly getting quite drunk and then going round showing off to everyone like a smug bastard. Both methods seem to be working quite well.

    edit: your idea of joining a running club might help; I was able to combine the drunkenness and showing off by meeting my club down the pub.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    - Book yourself a summer race

    - Buy yourself some new running kit

    - Eat & drink lots.  

    Any combination of the above that you fancy.  

    If you haven't done any other races, have a look at a local parkrun (5k) or a 10k event.  The nice thing is that its a change in focus to speed rather than distance, and you'll benefit from all the endurance you've built up during marathon training - 10k is only six miles, thats the little bit after your 20 mile warm-up image

  • Text book recovery plan executed by literatin image After that you could go for some shorter distances over the summer such as 5 and 10k races. Do you have a local parkrun? I will look to do one or two trail half marathons - they are a bit more laid back, and maybe train for a 5/10k distance.

    You should also consider some strengthening work over the summer to kick any trace of ITBS into touch

  • Good advice - I like the idea of a few shorter races to keep things ticking over then moving on to a couple of half marathons in the autumn. That should put me in good stead to embark on another marathon schedule from the beginning of next year.

    Checked out parkrun and there is one within walking distance. Think i would benefit from some core and strength workouts.

    I suppose its a case of changing your mindset and re-evaluating goals.  

  • Sign up for an autumn marathon theres loads about if you look. I have entered Chester marathon October 6th today. Gives me a great purpose to not stop training and get fat again even though I am having a great effort at Haribo, chocolate and crisps since Sunday image

  • Beachy Head Marathon in October image

    Maybe try a differentance. Train for a faster 10K or slower ultra?

  • Thanks for all the advice. 

    None the dust has settled after VLM I'm doing a bit of stretching and rehabilitation on my IT band. Been out on my bike today and it felt great to be out and about.

    decided to enter a couple of autumn events - Bristol half then Cardiff half With one eye on doing silverstone half followed by Edinburgh Marathon in the summer. 

    Great advice on booking myself into events straight away. My post marathon blues have been replaced with excitement about training for the shorter distance. Already looking up training plans. 

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