Ratrace Dirty Weekend - what to wear?

Hi all,

I'm taking part in the Dirty Weekend obstacle race in two weeks' time, but as I'm based in Dubai I'm on uncertain ground in terms of best gear to wear given the guaranteed water and mud.

As things stand, I've got a pair of Saucony trail shoes, and was intending to wear compression tights with shorts over the top (with pocket to store gels etc). I've got an old Nike compression top I was going to wear, but thinking I may be better off getting one from the likes of 2XU on the assumption it can cope with water absorption better.

Somebody also suggested gloves could be a good idea, but any advice from others with experience of such races would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I think you may be over dressing.
    Wear an old pair of trail shoes, often you'll never get the mud out again so you don't want to wear anything new or decent.

    Lycra shorts, (don't want longs) and a running vest. Gloves - gym gloves with grip on the palms.  You're going to get wet so the less you wear the better. If it is cold then wear the Nike compression top - there's not much difference between one brand and another as to which will shed water the best. i just find that lycra is better than anything baggy.

    I think that unless your compression tights really are tight tight they will get baggy and that will cause discomfort, best just not wear any. Stick to compression or lycra shorts. You can hold your gels in a belt which maybe more comfortable that soggy wet muddy baggy shorts.


    Hope it's dry and sunny on the day. image


  • Thanks for taking the time to reply and will definitely take all of that onboard. Managed to pick up the trail shoes cheap as guessed they'd be taking an awful battering (not to mention not much call for them over here!). Hadn't thought about the compression tights getting baggy so that's a really good tip as well. Thanks again.

  • yep - mrs hog is right - ditch the tights as they will just add to the weight when they get wet and filthy.

    I've usually worn lycra running shorts under an old pair of nylon football shorts so the outer shorts take any abrasion and the lycras keep you warm.

    with the shoes, see if you can get some laces with knots in as these don't come undone so easily when you get mud suck on the shoes - and even then double knot them when tying them up.  nothing worse than losing a shoe in the mud - and many do!!

    some people swear by rash vests (the kind surfers wear) under a short sleeve t-shirt (again for abrasion resistance) as they can be warmer than standard compression tops

  • Thanks Fat Buddha. I've actually got a rash vest so will definitely go down that route.

  • Whatever you wear, go for old, tatty, and pretty much ready for the bin. That way you won't be annoyed if (when!) it all gets wrecked...

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